Mountains behind street

Salt Lake City, Utah

Earlier this year, I visited Salt Lake City with my team mates from work. We rented two houses and spent a few days working side by side — which is a rare occasion when you work with people from all over the world. This post is a hodgepodge of film, digital and phone photos, along with a few of the details I can remember.

Mountains behind street

The mountains looked tantalisingly close from our living room window. You can just about see where the snow ends and the sky begins in the photo above. I wanted to get up there for a hike but it was a bit far from the house based on how much time we had.

Cars on road

Doughnut shop
The Big O Doughnuts

Wooden porch with chair

Residential areas of Salt Lake City were full of houses with chairs sat on wooden porches.

Mountains behind houses

Rusty white mailbox
U.S. Mail

Sticker covered car

Snow covered mountains in distance
View from the top of Memory Grove Park
Pillared monument
Memory Grove Park

Road through windscreen

Metal water tower
Water tower at Trolley Square

Beer choices based on label design — mine was the Wintery one, obviously.

Beer bottle labels
Uinta beers

On evening, me and a team mate sat in the hot tub with a jug of peanut M&M’s and some cans of Provo Girl Pilsner. Keeping it classy. The M&M’s were in a jug because they were taken from a 1kg bag. 1kg!!! I wish we could buy bags this large from supermarkets at home but the fact we can’t probably saves me from myself.

Beer and chocolate
Provo Girl Pilsner and peanut M&M’s

Meatball neon sign

Street at sunset
Mountains at sunset

Lots of little things went wrong on the journey out and looking back, this trip was ill fated from the beginning. I remember messaging Scott at the airport and saying it was like the universe was trying to keep me at home. And I did end up leaving a few days early in the end. But that’s another story for another time.

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  1. M & Ms you say? Well, apparently Iceland sell them and at quite a reasonable price. The link is

    I don’t recommend clicking on the “nutritional info link” 😱

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