Brides and people

Skansen, part 1

Skansen is one of the few parts of our Sweden trip I haven’t written about yet. Founded in 1891, it’s an open air museum documenting Swedish life through the ages. But Skansen is not your typical museum, it’s like going back in time. We spent four or five hours walking around but there was still so much left to see.

People queueing

Woman playing violin

We arrived just before the gates opened but it was suprisingly busy already. Looking around, we realised there are quite a few smartly dressed people… and brides!? It turns out we were visiting Skansen on their drop-in wedding day! Once a year, couples can tie the knot at Tingsvallen (a meadow in Skansen) for 900 SEK — around £80.

Brides and people

Couple holding rings

Now you might be thinking the whole thing sounds like a conveyor belt of marrirage. Not the case. There were floral archways and ceremonies happening next to old Swedish buildings. Newly weds were celebrating outdoors and having picnics with friends and family. The atmosphere was so relaxed and happy. I said it was a shame we were already married because it would have been fun to round up close friends and family and celebrate there — especially as we got engaged nearby. Anyway, enough about weddings, there is more to see.

Bird on the grass
Minna the barnacle gosling

Shortly afterwards, we rescued a barnacle gosling called Minna who was snatched and mauled by a magpie. Next up was a nutricious lunch of chips and cinnamon buns, followed by more bird drama because we had to keep moving tables to avoid hoards of chip hungry seagulls.

Chips and a cinnamon bun
Chips and cinnamon buns for lunch

Thankfully the peacocks weren’t interested in chips.

Peacock head and feathers

Bike leaning on post

I’m a sucker for animals so I enjoyed the farm area and zoo. I sometimes find zoos a bit sad but everything was so spacious and natural and the animals seemed genuinely happy. Just look at these pigs napping in the sun!

Pigs laying in the sun

This bear was having a whale of a time in the water with a blue tube.

Bear in water

Wolf on the prowl

Painted wooden building

I have too many photos for one post so I’ll share a few of Swedish buildings and other cool things in part 2 🙂

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