Snippets from Copenhagen

After spending a few days in Gothenberg, we took the train across Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen. Somewhere we last visited ten years ago! Thick cloud obscured the view of Lillgrund Wind Farm but on the plus side, we had two very comfy seats and views over Swedish countryside for most of the journey.

Lines of train seats
Train from Sweden to Copenhagen

Trains are my favourite way to travel because you see more of the places between places. Scott found somewhere to call home before crossing the Bridge in to Copenhagen.

Man pointing to sign

Unfortunately, we arrived to an Airbnb that absolutely wreaked of cigarette smoke so we ended up having to book somewhere else to stay; checking in at almost midnight after repacking our cases. Airbnb gave us absolutely no support (a photo of the problem!?). Not the best start to the trip.

Building tops
The view from our new accommodation
Lettering on crate
Tuborg crate
Fairylights in cafe

We found a fantastic little cafe called Kalaset. After sampling hot chocolate from various cafes around the city, we declared this place the clear winner.

Hot chocolate with cream
Kalaset mint hot chocolate

On our second or third visit, Scott looked at me with a cheeky smile on his face, said “I’ve figured out why we like this place so much” and slid an open menu across the table. They describe themselves as the Swedish corner in the heart of Copenhagen. Of course! We loooove Sweden.

Text on menu

In case you are curious, “Mormor” is a maternal grandmother. Reading this story made me miss my own kitchen; I do every time we go away.

Menus in tins

Cargo bike in cobbled street

Head to canon
Cannon at Kastellet military fort — don’t try this at home kids

Kastellet is a preserved fortress and public park. Walking around the pentagon shape grounds takes you past a wooden windmill and cannons overlooking the city. I was really struggling with energy on the day we visited and kept needing to sit down — which turned out to be the start of a nasty virus lasting almost 3 weeks.

Pale yellow flowers
Dark bread with cheese
Danish rye bread <3

Danish rye (rugbrøt) is without doubt the best bread! It’s moist, slightly crumbly and packed full of seeds.

Lego wind turbine
Lego wind turbine
Boat and colourful buildings
Cheese counter
All the cheese at Torvehallerne

Torvehallerne is an indoor market and food hall. Definitely somewhere to add to the list if you are foodie planning a trip to Copenhagen. There were also a couple of vegetable and flower stalls outside.

Man reaching for flowers
Pale pink flowers
Peonies at Torvehallerne

A neon shop called Neonskiltet. Suitcase room aside, I would have chosen flamingo or the swallow above the door. Maybe both.

Neon lights in window
Neonskiltet neon shop

Copenhagen seems to have grown much busier since we last visited. I don’t know if we just remembered the city with rose tinted spectacles but there seemed to be more cars on the roads this time around. We always said we would hire bikes in the future but we decided against it in the end because cycle lanes in the city centre were very busy. Nerve-racking if you aren’t use to it but good for the environment.

Either way, it was nice to visit again after so long. We picked up some minifigures from the Lego store (mine looks way better than I do in real life), found plenty of new restaurants and places to explore. It’s a beautiful city at night too!

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