Snow covered track

Snow day at the forest

My alarm went off at 6:45am on Saturday morning, ready for a trip to London. Thankfully I checked the trains before walking all the way to the station because they were cancelled due to the snow. I had no other plans so I walked up to the forest with my camera.

Snowy trees and field

Snow covered river bank

I’ve walked through these fields regularly for the last three years but this is the first time they’ve been cloaked in heavy snow.

Figures in the mist

Apart from the people above, I didn’t see another soul in the forest. I had the place completely to myself. It seems most people are not cold weather lovers.

Tall trees in the snow

Snow covered track

Snowy path into trees

View through snowy clearing

Dark line of trees

Snow covered all of the trails so I lost my way a couple of times. On the plus side, I found a pond I didn’t know existed and this photogenic clearing in the trees. I walked all the way down the slope before realising I was not on a trail. Then I had to scramble back up again, trying not to fall flat on my face.

Snowy clearing in trees

Bare trees in the snow

Black and white dog in snow

This dog came to say hello on my way up to the forest. Her owner was nowhere to be seen so I called the number on her collar — it turned out she lived a couple of doors down from where I was standing. Oops. I passed through the same field on my way home and she ran over again, sat right in front of me and dropped a stick on the floor. We played fetch for a while and it occurred to me that she would follow me all the way home if I kept hold of that stick.

Although the day didn’t work out as planned, it was nice to go exploring with my camera. I love being outdoors when it’s cold so I wish we had snow more often!

3 comments on “Snow day at the forest

  1. These views are stunning! I really wanted to visit a forest over the weekend but they were all a drive away and we had insane snow drifts so driving was pretty much out of the question. That’s so weird that no-one was out walking, it’s the complete opposite where I live. Everyone was out haha! And that dog is so so cute! I bet they get a few phone calls about it haha!
    xo April | April Everyday

    • Gemma Evans

      Not having to get in the car was a bonus but I was exhausted by the time I got home. Walking in deep snow is haaaard work! I thought it would have been busier too but it was nice to have the place to myself in the end.

  2. Angelina

    Thanks, ga er zo gelijk achteraan!

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