Fluffy lamb

Spring lambs

Spring wouldn’t be Spring without lambs! And I mean galavanting around fields, not garnished on a dinner plate. We spotted a few in nearby fields along the road home so we waited for a sunny day and made a beeline for the ‘lamb field’. Brace yourselves, your heart is about to explode. Poor Scott had to to put up with me clutching his jumper and telling him how adorable they were…

Daffodils along path

We spotted this ewe snuggled up with her two babies in the sun, they look blissfully happy. The one on the left looks like it has a smile on its face.

Sleeping lambs

Sleeping lambs

Lamb with Mother

Further down the field there were lots of lambs napping and playing in the shade.

Lamb facing camera

Lamb facing sheep

Lamb sitting on grass

Sleeping lamb

Lamb eating

If this hasn’t made you feel warm and squishy inside I don’t know what will!

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  1. A www they’re so cute!

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