Small white flowers

Signs of life

We went away at the tail end of Winter and arrived home at the start of Spring. I was looking forward to seeing our garden full of life again but when we stepped through the gate, it looked just as it did when we left. Bare, soggy and colourless. I felt pretty disappointed. But things have changed this week… “Winter is dead” (from A.A Milne’s Daffodowndilly).

Small yellow flowers
Bluebell bud
Bluebell bud
Small pink flowers
Opening flower bud
Snake’s head fritillary

Snake’s head fritillary is my favourite garden plant at the moment. Plain cream buds push through the soil and a checked pattern gradually appears, changing from pale pink to burgundy. This is how they look at their peak…

Centre of purple flower
Snake’s head fritillary
Checked purple flower
Snake’s head fritillary
Small white flowers

Our blueberry bushes are covered in bright green leaves and tiny flowers. I gave them the pruning equivalent of a grade 1 haircut so I wasn’t sure if they would grow back. It’s pure luck they have.

Clump of bluebells
Bluebell buds
Fritillary petals in the sun
Snake’s head fritillary
Pink flower heads
Clematis buds

This is what I was hoping to come home to. It was worth the wait though 🙂

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2 comments on “Signs of life

  1. I’d never seen fritillaries before moving to the UK, but I love them. They look like they’ve come straight off the pages of a children’s book. The saxifraga are beautiful, too; I might try to find some.

    Beautiful pictures as always!

    • Gemma Evans

      Me too, I like the unusual pattern on the petals. I’ve been wanting to buy more but haven’t come across many in the garden centres.

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