Life Lately, April 2020 (2)

The days spent indoors are slowly ticking by. Last week, we saw a group of paramedics wearing heavy duty masks, running towards us to give someone medical help. The sight of those masks has stuck with me and serves as a good reminder to play it safe for now.

On a more positive note, I’ve become a bit of a camera pest at home now I’ve adjusted to photographing life indoors!

Gin and tonic

I bought a fantastic dry gin by Stockholm Bränneri. And while I’m on the subject of filling faces…

Card egg filled with sweets
Swedish Easter egg

Swedish Easter celebrations this year. Cardboard eggs filled with chocolate coated marzipan eggs, Lindt balls and Påskeskum — I prefer this to packaged Easter eggs because the egg can be filled with whatever you fancy. Our very kind neighbours also dropped an Easter gift round for us yesterday.

Easter egg in bag
Surprise Easter egg

Self portrait

Man gaming
Playing GTA

We’ve been playing lots of games; GTA for Scott and Halo Reach for me. It’s entertainment for both of us, even if we aren’t playing. Scott looked at me and in a matter of fact tone said…

Apparently you can’t put the nose of a plane in a tree and come out the other side.

Instant photos

Coronavirus numbers
Coronavirus monitor

Peering over sofa

View over rooftops

Book pages
The Ascent of Everest by John Hunt

I finally started reading The Ascent of Everest by John Hunt (1953). I’m hooked! Lots of beautiful mountain photography too. I’d been using a strip of old tickets as a bookmark. I laughed out loud when I closed the book and saw “go by bus” on the back. An ironic bookmark for a story about pushing the limits of human endurance in a quest to reach the summit of Everest on foot!

Go by bus
Woman reading book
PJ day

Flying seagulls

Seagulls in a territory war for nesting sites on rooftops. They were tearing through the sky, squalking and snapping at eachother. Reminded me of plane footage from Howard Hughes’ Hell’s Angels.

Glad påsk (happy Easter), stay safe and wash your hands!

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