Parents pulling children on sledges

Stockholm i Snön

I only intended to take a few photos of Wintery weather but I love snow and I love taking photos, so of course I ended up with more than I could fit into one of my usual monthly roundups. These were all taken during the first half of January.

Snow on cobbled street

Woman carrying bright umbrella

Cars driving in the snow

People walking in the snow

Snow in the distance

Snow covered bikes

People walking under an umbrella

Man stood in snow next to mast

This was taken on the night we looked out of the window and saw heavy snow falling. We threw on our coats and walked as high as we could go. I always feel like we’re on the moon up here. Rock is the only thing visible in this direction until you reach the mast, then you have this amazing view over the city…

View of snow on rooftops

Don’t let the photo fool you though, the wind was bitterly cold and seemed to blow snow horizonally in all directions — we only lasted about 5 minutes.

Wiper blades in the air

Man pulling child in sledge

Transporting kids around the city on sledges seems to be the done thing. What a great way to move from place to place! I might see if Scott fancies pulling me along next year.

Green wooden house with snow

Elderly lady walking in snow

Men shovelling snow off roof

I could hear a strange scraping noise outside one morning. Men in harnesses were scurring across an apartment roof and shovelling snow away. After excitedly mentioning it to our friends, it turns out this is a totally normal occurance in Sweden.

Building owners call a special roof clearing service once the snow reaches ~6 inches and they shovel it off to prevent snow and ice avalanches (probably reduces weight too). Workers on the ground call up to send stop signals when people are underneath and start again once they’ve passed. We even saw them directing traffic while working on a building overlooking a busier road. I think it’ll be a few years before the novelty of this wears off.

Woman walking with sticks

Snow on concrete lion
Concrete lion in Gamla Stan

Girls wearing wamr clothes

View down on street in the snow

The day we ventured out for a walk in -10c. The grey fog heading towards us was actually a wall of snow. We scuttled home pretty quickly.

Snow on city trees

Parents pulling children on sledges
Sledging at Tantolunden

This park was full of kids in body suits on sledges. Parents stood and chatted while the kids expelled all their energy in the snow. Some were even hurtling themselves down slopes on their bums or fronts. It was happy chaos. We saw a patch of blood on the snow though; it didn’t end well for everyone.

Snow in the distance

Wooden buildings in the snow

Snow on tree
My favourite tree

I thought we’d seen the last of the snow this month but the mega load arrived this week. Hooray! Good job we’ve finally found our snow legs.

2 comments on “Stockholm i Snön

  1. Ah it’s like a whole different world! I miss snow!
    Beautiful photos my bacony chum x

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