Sunburst granny blanket

I’ve been rather quiet on the side projects front lately because I’ve been beavering away on this blanket. I decided I’d make one last blanket (honestly it really is this time) and whilst researching patterns, I found this blanket on Flickr … and completely fell in love with it. It’s a crochet starburst granny square blanket (also know as a round granny square).

It took me a while to find a pattern I was really happy with and eventually went for this pattern on Tipnuts.

Multicoloured round granny square blanket

I really struggled with the colourway for this project – I wanted a bright blanket to liven up the house but I don’t often work with bright colours. At the beginning I was playing it too safe and all my squares started to look the same., so I put some odd colours together (copper, green and pink) and it worked really well.

Colourful granny square centres

Granny square centres

I used the join as you go method to crochet these squares together. However, I always leave weaving in my ends until I’ve finished and this time it took me about 2 weeks of evenings because I had 2042 to do!

Folded crochet blanket

Green, pink and orange granny square detail

Blanket draped on stool

Blanket laid out on grass

Now I just need the weather to cool down so I can use it…also I’m starting to think we need a bigger house to put our blankets in. You can never have too many blankets, right!?!

  • 6195m of wool
  • 255 squares
  • Wool: ‘Stylecraft Special DK’ 1004, 1005, 1011, 1019, 1023, 1029, 1035, 1062, 1064, 1065, 1067, 1080, 1425. The turquoise, navy and red were from my wool stash.
  • Project duration: 14 weeks
  • Equipment: The crochet hook you see in the photo is a Clover Soft Touch crochet hook. It has a padded thumb area and a thicker ‘handle’ than your standard aluminium hooks, which makes it much more comfortable to use.


  1. Wow what a gorgeous blanket! I have been looking for a nice granny square pattern to make a blanket for my bed, I think this one will be perfect. Can you please tell me how many 100g balls of the white yarn did you use? I have just ordered some yarn to start this project and don’t know if I have ordered enough of the main colour….

  2. Thanks, I’m glad you like it! I think I used 14 balls of cream wool, which was enough for the squares and 3 rounds of edging to finish (it’s a big blanket). Would love to see yours when it’s done. This is my favourite out of all the ones I’ve made, the pattern is lovely.

  3. This project is sooo beautiful! Great work!?

    I want to make one with 80 squares….each square having 4 colours and one main colour to join those squares! And I want to use a DK yarn too

    Could you please tell me approximately how many yards I need in those 4 varying shades and the main colour? Would be soooo glad if you replied!❤️

    • Thanks so much! 🙂 Your blanket would be just under half the size of the one I made, so I’ve worked out you’ll need about 10-12 balls of wool. This will depend on your tension but that number is a safe bet. Half of your wool will probably be the outer/joining colour.

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