Gelato in cups

Swedish adventure – part 2

Our second week in Sweden has been an eventful one. We’ve discovered some great spots to satisfying our cravings for green, open space. Fewer buns have passed our lips — a failure for our happiness, a win for our waistlines.

We took a boat to Stockholm’s closest archipelago island, Fjäderholmarna. Our many attempts to pronounce it were a flop so we picked up a leaflet and handed that to the ticket desk. Who knows where we would have ended up otherwise. The police boat you can see gave us a wave!

Swimming was my favourite part of last weekend. Outdoor swimming in Scandinavian scenery has been on my bucket list for a while and I’ve finally done it! Scott and I had very different approaches. I quite literally fell in and he had a calm, controlled paddle.

We discovered two great places to walk — Solviksbadet and Judarskogen Nature Preserve. Solviksbadet is a beach surrounded by forest and dirt trails (where we swam). Neither of us are that into the beach so we walked along the trails and find our own secluded spot by the water instead.

Gelato in cups

In other news — we’ve discovered buddha bowls, revisited Gamla Stan, dicovered a house sparrow nest underheath our kitchen windowsill, been bitten to death by mosquitos, got chatting to a lovely Parisian woman who works in our local bakery and eaten the best gelato ever!! I’m also thankful for nice friends sending photos of the plants in our garden at home so we don’t miss out.

Video soundtrack: Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, Tame Impala

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