Spruce branches against Sky

Back to Tornberget Utsiktstorn

Our previous expedition to Tornberget utsiktstorn (a surveillance tower location in WW2) resulted in us hiding from a storm under a picnic blanket. This time, the sun was blazing hot all day!

Everything had sprung to life since our last visit to the forest a few weeks ago. Wild blueberry plants were covered in soft green leaves and flowers resembling lanterns. There were smultron (wild strawberries), violets, lily of the valley and lingonberry buds. Spruce trees had soft and luminious growth at the ends of branches. It felt so good to be outside.

Red domed flowers
Vild blåbär / wild blueberry flowers
Purple flower in the sun
Wild violet

The owner of a vintage shop on Södermalm showed us the first lily of the valley she had picked and bought into work, and put in a tiny vase. I don’t think I’d ever smelt one before then. Definitely worth crouching down for a sniff if you haven’t either.

White bell shaped flowers
Liljekonvalj / lily of the valley

I was on the ground taking photos and a snake whizzed out; I jumped out of my skin!! Although Scott worked out was actually a slow worm afterwards — they look just like snakes. Every tree root and stick on the ground looked like one after that. The same happened again a bit further into the hike. What are the chances of getting jumped out on twice!?

Slow worm on rock
Slow worm

Man on dirt trail

All of the green plants either side of the trail are wild blueberries.

Cookies in a bag
Trees around a lake
Lunch spot

We ate lunch in the same spot as last time; a nook in the rocks overlooking the lake. A cheese topped roll had been burning a hole in my bag all morning so I was happy to sit down and eat.

Water lilies on blue water
Vatten lilly / water lilly
Spruce branches against Sky
Wooden sign
To Tornberget!
Green forest floor
Vild blåbär och grå renlav / wild blueberries and reindeer moss

Experiencing Tornberget utsiktstorn in the warm was a nice contrast to last time and it meant we could spend more time at the top of the tower. We also stopped for shady snack break on the level below. Always celebrate the “summits”, even if they are only small.

View over green trees
View from the top of Tornberget

I forgot to photograph the tower but you can see it in this photo from last time. And here’s the bleak version of the tower view for contrast!

Me at the top of a tower

Green butterfly

I didn’t photograph many of the trails this time around, I was enjoying capturing all the small details that mean the forest floor has come back to life.

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