Wave with spray

Torö Stenstrand

Stenstrand means pebble beach in Swedish. We planned to visit this beach for my birthday but postponed the trip until we had the energy to go further afield. The journey time was about two and a half hours from central Stockholm; one train, one bus and a short walk to the beach (travel notes at the bottom).

Trees and sea
Torö Stenstrand / Torö pebble beach

View of sea through trees

Pinecones on pebble beach
Kotte / pinecone
Man sat next to the sea
Setting up camp for lunch

It was cold and very windy. Luckily we found a sheltered spot in the forest bordering the shore, to set up the stove. This is pretty high up on our list of excellent lunch spots. Clear blue skies, roaring waves, a great view and a hot meal… it doesn’t get much better.

Nudlar / noodles

Spicy noodles are our go-to easy lunch at the moment. We also tried a Lyo apple crumble (trekking meal). Suprisingly good! It looked like baby food but tasted nice and kept some crunch even thought it’s an add warm water meal. We’ll get more adventurous with outdoor cooking eventually but for now, it’s nice to just throw something in a bag and go.

Spruce against clear sky
Blå himmel / blue sky

Bellies full, it was time to walk along the beach. Unforunately, there were a quite a few private sections and cutting back inland to go around them wasn’t very successful. We ended up being routed to a tiny area of beach in Örens naturreservat that was pretty underwhelming. For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend visiting this beach if you fancy a longer walk. We ended up going back to where we started and walked in the other direction. It was really nice but just a little too short.

No pooping sign
No pooping

Branch on pebble beach

Sun shining on seaweed
Havstång / seaweed

I love how seaweed just looks like a brown slimey mass until the sun shines on it — then you can see all sorts of colours and patterns.

Wave with spray
Havsgrön / sea green

The glowing sea green waves were beautiful. We spent a while playing chicken with the waves; trying to pluck up the courage to hold our ground while they came crashing towards us. That ended as well as you’d imagine.

Foam on wave

Crashing wave at ground level

Foam on small wave

Man balancing on rock

Taking it in turns to see who was better at balancing on a curved rock in the wind.

Woman balancing on rock

Travel notes

– 42x train to Nynäshamn.
– 852 bus to Herrhamra (not Herrhamra Grindar). The bus stop is right next to Nynäshamn train station and is run by SL.
– Follow the Stenstrand road down to the beach — the main entrace is about half way along. I say main entrace but it’s basically a path with a beach sign.

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