Yarn bombed bike wrapped in wool

Road trippin: Brighton & Cornwall

Yarn bombed bike wrapped in wool

We’ve been on two road trips in the last 2 weeks. Despite what the lead image for this post suggests, I didn’t cycle to Cornwall on multicoloured yarn bombed bike.


The main reason for our trip to Cornwall was to see Sigur Ros at the Eden Project.

Sigur Ros stage at the Eden Project

I can honestly say it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. The sound, lighting and venue were all fantastic and it was nice to go to a gig that wasn’t in a sweaty crowded venue. The only way the gig location could have been better was if it had been a cave in Iceland!

Bodmin Moor with dark clouds

We visited the edge of Bodmin moor – this area probably has a specific name but I’m not sure what it is! It was a beautiful place with very few people and lots of scenery.

Wild horses resting on Bodmin Moor

There were lots of wild horses and sheep grazing who didn’t seem put off by us walking past. I’ve never seen wild horses up close before and I managed to snap a few photos.

Crochet blanket and vintage jelly moulds, Zero2vintage

We went to a little shop at Liskeard Market called Zero 2 Vintage, which was full of old fashioned knick knacks. I spotted a few crocheted items but it was the box of vintage jelly moulds that really caught my eye! So I bought a glass one. Afterall, its vintage so I might not find another one like it for a very long time right!? And now is as good a time as any to start eating jelly.


On Sunday we went to Brighton to see our friends Kim and Ian. We spent most of the day walking around the lanes and seeking shade – the heatwave (called Summer in every other country) started that day and it was a scorcher.

We found a fantasic ‘choose your own’ vegetarian cafe for lunch called Idyea. I had sweet potato, aubergine and courgette lasagne with fennel potatoes and beetroot cous cous. The others add had potato, onion and cheese cakes which were delicious – all my favourite things rolled into one delicious lightly fried pattie! I would have taken a photo of the food but I was too busy eating it!

Wood Type shop front in Brighton

There was a great little wood type shop on the North Lanes called Brighton Wood Type and Font Shop. The shop had trays of wood type as well as vintage cameras and other ephemera. The owner told us he runs letterpress workshops so I think we are going to look into them as never managed to get our Adana hobbypress working.

It was 5pm by the time we’d walked around the shops. The temperature was a bit cooler which mean’t it was a good time for us pale folk to venture into the sun and sit on the beach for a while. We found a spot to sit and went for a paddle – walking over pebbles is really painful unless you cheat and keep your shoes on (Kim!).

Walking along Brighton beach

But Karma wasn’t far behind because after this Kim received a dose of seagulls revenge. A seagull emptied the contents of it’s bowels onto Ian and with such a force that it ricocheted off his head and on to Kim’s phone and shopping. At this point we decided it was a good time to go for dinner.

And that sums up our mini breaks!

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2 comments on “Road trippin: Brighton & Cornwall

  1. Its not cheating to use your initiative! Lol!

    • The first rule of going for a paddle is ALWAYS to leave your shoes far away so you have to hobble down and back again in pain… smarty pants 🙂

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