Knitted Ursula hat

Ursula hat experiment

Some mornings I leave the house feeling like I’ve fallen into a bin of knitwear and come out with whatever fell on. Bright blue hat, stripy scarf, patterned gloves… you get the picture. My one staple item lately has been the Ursula mittens I made over Christmas. The more I wore them, the more I felt they need some matching items. I wanted to make a hat but had to come up with my own pattern as Ursula is only available in mittens and a cardigan.

Knitted fair isle hat
Ursula hat

My hat is based on the following:

I simply took the number of stitches from the Snawheid pattern and altered it to be a number divisible by the pattern repeat from the Ursula Mittens. It only worked out to be a few stitches less in the end. I worked slightly fewer rows to achieve the hat length I wanted.

Back of knitted hat with bobble

On the photo above, do you see the slight bulge at the top of the hat on the left? That is a blocking error 🙁 I think I accidentally stretched the bottom of the decreases – I’m annoyed with myself so I’m going to re-block in an attempt to sort it out when I have some spare time.

Fair isle hat
Pattern detail

I’m pleased I have a hat to match my mittens! And I finished it just in time because we had snow yesterday – not that I need an excuse to dig out the woolies, I’d wear them all year round if I could.

Fair isle mittens and hat
Ursula glove and mitten set

Knitted fair isle hat

Me wearing Ursula hat

Not bad for my first attempt, it turned out pretty well don’t you think? It’s a good fit and I’ll be happy once I’ve sorted out my blocking error – although if I’m honest I’ll probably carry on wearing it until I get around to it because it’s a nice hat!

Project notes

  • Pattern: based on Ursula Mittens and Snawheid by Kate Davies
  • Wool: Jamieson & Smith 2ply jumper weight, 100% Shetland wool
  • Wool colours: 202 (beige), FC24 (green), 9144 (pink) and FC15 (blue)
  • Yardage: approx 115m (25g ball) of beige and 30m of each colour
  • Needles: 2.5mm dpn, 2.75mm dpn and circular
  • Project duration: 1 week

Photos: taken by Scott.

32 comments on “Ursula hat experiment

  1. Beautiful hat. The colors you chose are so fresh and fun!

  2. I remember admiring your mittens and now you have a hat to match – awesome! You are so clever to work out a pattern yourself , something I wish I could do.

    • I felt like I was winging it to be honest 🙂 But it turned out well and I’m sure it’ll get a lot of wear.

  3. Your hat is amazing, it matches perfect. You did a wonderful job. I love it when my mitts and hats match. Sometimes I forget to do that, but it’s so nice when it all does. Lovely!

    • Thanks Laura 🙂 I think I’m going to be try and be more disciplined when I knit something new and make sure I knit something to match.

  4. Beautiful! I love that you are wearing matching knits. I pretty much never match my knits, and instead name my style “eclectic” 🙂

    • Yes I think mine is mostly eclectic too. I’m not going to suddenly look all co-ordinated though as these are the only things that match, haha!

  5. Lovely pattern! And the matching mittens are great! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m about to spend some time looking around yours as it seems we have some things in common!

    • Thank you Sara. Yes, I had a look around yours and you have some lovely posts – the upcycled lace skirt is beautiful!

  6. Lovely! I really like Fair Isle knitting but haven’t been brave enough to learn stranded knitting just yet. I really like the colors you’ve chosen–so pretty!

    • The Ursula colour work was a joy to knit – it was simple but still produced a really nice pattern. I haven’t made anything with complicated yet but I have my eye on quite a few patterns for when I’m feeling braver!

  7. Haha – I say the same thing everyday. I really need to come up with a matching set of mittens, hat and cowl. Yours came out great. I love those colors -so nice and cheerful for winter.

    • I’m thinking if the gloves and hat match then a mismatched scarf will look quite good. When it’s cold though I really don’t care if they don’t match, I just want to be warm!

  8. I’m sure Kate would be proud 😉

  9. The hat and mittens are gorgeous and I didn’t notice the blocking error at all.

    • Thank you Rachel 🙂 I’m glad you didn’t notice my error, it makes me feel better!

  10. You did a great job on that hat. It looks beautiful on you. It is always great when we make something that gets plenty of use.

  11. The color and design of the hat is amazing!

  12. Beautiful! I’m jealous of your snow, we have nothing in Hampshire.

  13. What a beautiful hat / mittens combo! Really nice!

  14. Wow – so beautiful – I have yet to try colorwork, but am so tempted.

  15. Beautiful — love the hat (and the mittens)! 🙂

  16. The subtle colorway is just lovely.

  17. Wow! I love it! The shape of the hat is great. The colorwork is great. It’s just a great hat! And I love that you were able to make a matching set. Beautiful.

    I’d love to have you link up at my Yarn Fanatic Party (and enter the giveaway while you’re there!)

  18. Looks great, you clever thing 🙂

  19. What a great adaptation; your heat looks great. A very pretty matching set in lovely colours. x

  20. I am in love with this colorwork! It is a gorgeous hat and a smart design 🙂

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