Pink flowers

Visby, Day 1

We recently visited Visby, a small town on the island of Gotland in the Baltic sea. It was out first trip away since arriving in Sweden! Visby was a great option because we could travel there without flying and the island is pretty quiet at the moment. Both big plus points with Coronavirus still floating around.

The alarm went off at 6am and we left the house just after 7am to catch a train to the ferry terminal. Unfortunately, the ferry was busy and there wasn’t a great deal of social distancing going on — the same story with anything involving people lately. Quite a few people coughing also ramped up our anxiety levels. We wore masks indoors and went up to the outdoor deck for fresh air once in a while but it was hard to feel relaxed.

Man in a mask
Covid travel
Open book
Reading on the ferry

Nerdy confession. The Columbo episode Troubled Waters was filmed on a ship and because ferry interiors generally look outdated, it’s like stepping into that episode every time. I end up quietly humming part of the main jingle sung by Rosanna Wells at some point during the journey, even though it’s highly irritating!! I cannot get it out of my head.

Blue grey sea
Moody Baltic sea
Stone sea wall
Visby harbour

Waves and sea foam

Ships in harbour
Visby harbour
Ocean through window
Sea view at the hotel

Travelling to Visby took half a day so we wanted to make the most of the rest. We fought the strong urge for a nap, dumped our bags at the hotel and headed straight out in search of lunch. A cafe in the courtyard at St. Hansgatan was the perfect place to sit. The dog below (a doppelgänger of the family dog) was more interested in our lunch than their bone. The pie was all ours though.

Dog sat under table
Courtyard at St. Hansgatan x Brännerigränd

Pink roses

If you like roses, Visby is the place for you. They grow around doors and windows on many buildings. It’s the perfect chocolate box town.

Red roses against window

Cobbled street
Visby street

Blue window on orange wall

After a dark and moody morning, the clouds cleared and the sun shone bright! Just as we arrived at the beach too. I regretted not bringing swimwear but it wasn’t forecast to be so warm!

Blue sea

Me on the beach

Ground level view of waves

I hunted for sea treasure — also known as sea glass. Scott looked for skimming stones. This beach was sea glass paradise and looking for it took me back to the beachcoming days of my childhood. The pieces I collected now sit in a glass jar on a sunny windowsill. It’s a great activity if you love the colour green… which I do! Blue glass is the ultimate sea treasure though because it’s pretty rare.

Turquoise glass on pebbles
Sea glass

Pink flowers

Curve of the shore

Sunset through window

We paid a bit extra for a sea view and it was totally worth it for these sunset views.

Sunset through open window

We managed to do quite a bit in half a day. Getting into bed was the best feeling after getting up so early and breathing in lots of sea air (always makes me feel so sleepy). The lights were out ready for more exploring the next day…

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