Moody sky over ocean

Visby, Story 2

We woke up to rain streaming down the window, which wasn’t ideal given we wanted to spend a day walking along the coast. Our plan was to pack some food, pick a direction and keep on walking until we got tired.

Rain on window

Waking up with a hot drink and listening to the sea was really nice. I could spend hours sitting at this window each day.

Coffee cup on windowsill

Luckily the rain stopped just after breakfast. The sky still looked ominious but we decided to chance it and turn back if the weather got wild — our jackets were the only weatherproof clothing we had.

Moody sky over ocean

Rocks in the sea

Wild coastlines are one of the things I love most about Gotland, especially on days like this where the sky and sea are moody.

Blue sea glass
Havsglas / sea glass (possibly a poison bottle fragment)

Scott scored mega husband points when he found this piece of sea glass for my collection! Anyone watching my excitement from a distance probably thought he’d dug a gold ring out of the sand.

Blue glass is quite rare, especially cobalt and patterned. This colour was largely used for chemist, poison and medicine bottles from the 1800’s, all the way into the 1950’s for products like Vicks VapoRub and Noxema. The square hobnail pattern suggests this piece of glass is most likely a posion bottle fragment from the 19th century.

Seaweed and leaves on the beach
Strandväxter / beach plants
Concrete building
Concrete jetty
Badplats, Snäckstranden
Concrete jetty in the sea
Badplats, Snäckstranden

These concrete jetties have a small seat with a line of coat pegs; somewhere for people to hang towels and clothes while they take a dip in the Baltic Sea. It’s a pretty amazing swim spot!

Line of clothes pegs
Badplats, Snäckstranden
No diving sign
Dykning förbjuden / diving forbidden
Man sitting on decking

We walked for a while longer and stumbled upon a closed up beach hut — the veranda was perfect for escaping the wind while we ate lunch. Also a good opportunity to unload all the rocks and sea glass weighing my pockets down.

Me stood on decking

Small waves on ocean

We continued walking as far as Brucebo Naturreservat and the last part took us up a steep forest cliff path, to an amazing viewpoint at the top. Slight photography fail because I only have a photo of some juniper berries along the way, not the actual view.

Bluey purple berries
Juniper berries / enbär
Memorial candle
Pathric 50 år <3 <3 <3
Butt shaped bath foam
Butt shaped bath foam

Running a hot bath was the first thing I did back at the hotel. I miscalculated how much bubble bath was needed though, resulting in 6 inches of water with one metre of butt shaped foam on top. Laying there watching ferries pass in the distance was a relaxing way to spend the rest of the afternoon before we ventured back out for dinner.

Red sunset over ocean
Solnedgång på strandpromenaden / sunset on the promenade

Next: story 3.

4 comments on “Visby, Story 2

  1. Ahhhh this!

    I love your new posts popping into my inbox and having a virtual catch up 💛

    I’ll try and find you some sea glass from the beach here – though I doubt it’ll be as cool as that.

    Also – loving the dungarees x

    • Gemma Evans

      Thank you 🧡 I will gladly accept any colour, shape or size! We’ll have to take you there one day, it’s a photographers paradise… especially in Autumn when the coast turns moody. xx

  2. I love the bubble bath and the view from the tub!

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