Group of walkers

Wet and wild in Yorkshire

If you read my recent post about staying at Swinton Bivouac you’ll know I went up to Yorkshire a couple of weekends ago. On the Saturday we unpacked and had a nice meal at the barn in the evening. On Sunday, after a cosy nights sleep in our cabins we headed out for bracing (read: bloody wet and windy) walk in the surrounding woodland. Everyone had packed sensible outdoorsy clothing but I think we were all a bit envious of Cerys’s long coat.

Group of walkers

First stop – Druids Temple! A folly set in the woods surrounded by other freestanding stones.

Stone folly
Druids temple, Masham

View through stones

Stone temple

We then walked up a small hill towards Leighton reservoir. The view over the moorland was pretty vast and I’d imagine on a clear day you could see for miles in either direction. I think the rain and fog made for better photos though. You can’t beat the colour of orange ferns against bluey/grey fog.

View of moorland through trees
View over Leighton reservoir and moorlands

View over country gate

View over wet moorland
Walking amongst trees

Some of the gang needed to head off early on Sunday so after our walk we bundled into a pub called The Black Swan for lunch. Three courses was the general consensus. Needless to say I didn’t need much convincing on that.

Pub lunches on table

Bowl of garlic mushrooms
Garlic mushrooms

I had baked cod which came with pretty much everything a roast dinner did minus a Yorkshire pudding; red cabbage, courgette, carrots, potatoes and mashed potato! I’ve never had a roast with two types of potato before but the mash was good for soaking up all the herby butter. It was so big I had to leave some so I could fit my pudding in!

Baked cod and potatoes
Baked cod in lemon and herb butter

Feeling very full, me, Annie, Cerys and Emma said our goodbyes to the others and started our [dry] walk back to the cabin.

Stone wall

Closeup of brown fern

Folklings gang
Spot Annie the strangler

When we reached these woods we knew we were getting close to our cabin. They were unbelievably dark inside. If the light hadn’t been fading it would have been good to do some exploring. I doubt we would have found our way back out again if we’d gone in when it was already dark. Although after that huge meal it’s not like we would have starved.

Dark woods

Person walking through ferns

The last thing I want to show you is the crochet seat covers in Annie’s car! I travelled in style…

Colourful granny squares

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  1. I tell everyone this and could well have told you on that weekend…but, I can remember having difficulties closing that coat when I was pregnant with Robb and he’s 13 now!

  2. Ah such happy times – feels an age ago already which I think has to be a sign that we need to do something again soon! x

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