Red leaves on a wall

Where did Autumn go?

I took my camera to work with me on Tuesday with the intention of taking some Autumn photos for this weeks hdygg. I work in the centre of Guildford – it’s a large town but it has a cathedral so technically it classes as a city. Either way, there is a lot of concrete. A big contrast to my rural home.

Over the Summer I found a couple of nice green spaces; St. Mary’s churchyard filled with wild flowers and Guildford Castle grounds which has both wild and ‘well groomed’ areas. So Tuesday lunchtime I called in at both. What did I find? Very little. Some berries and a few leaves missed by the sweeper.

Red leaves on wall

Black berries on wall

Red, orange and yellow leaves

I managed to find a patch of leaves at the castle just big enough to stand in when the sweeper’s back was turned. Love these shoes! Everyone should own some yellow footwear…

Standing on leaf pile

Red berries on tree

I’m glad I managed to find something to photograph even if it wasn’t what I had in mind. Sadly there were were no seed heads, cobwebs, mushrooms or hoppity birds. Everything was looking pretty bare; all traces of Summer and Autumn had been cut back, dug up or stripped away completely. And at that moment I realised why some people don’t like the Autumn and Winter! Thankfully I get to go home to my colourful, overgrown village at the end of each day.

P.S. While I’m on the subject of Autumn, it’s a good time to tell you about this months Fable & Folk prompt: Autumn. I’m heading out at the weekend to get some photos. Why not join in?

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12 comments on “Where did Autumn go?

  1. They need to leave huge piles of leaves in the park for kids – and adults – to stomp and jump through. And to think I get annoyed now when hedgerows are cut back too soon! You still managed to get some gorgeous captures of autumn colours.

    • My thoughts exactly! They gave the blackberries a serious hair cut along some of the lanes here, a couple of weeks ago. The people responsible are obviously not foragers 🙂

  2. love that last shot Gemma. how sad that everything was stripped away. but, like you said, good thing you don’t live in it and go home to a colorful and happier place. xx

  3. I know Guildford really well (I’m originally from Surbiton) and I only think of floods rather than green spaces! Somewhat amazingly I have never been up to the Cathedral despite passing it so many times on the A3. I may have to rectify that when I’m down in a couple of weeks’ time.

    • The inside of the cathedral is very impressive and well worth a visit, the grounds are mostly grass though. They could do with a few flowers or some sort of rose garden in my opinion 😉

  4. ‘Well Groomed’
    Yellow shoe envy and Autumn colour love – I too am heading out tomorrow to get some photos for the Folklings prompt *winks*
    I love that you hunted out the colour this week – thank you for doing that and joining in – here’s to scrunching through leaves and cheese and Worcestershire sauce on toast and tea!

  5. How rude of folk to sweep and snip away the gorgeousness that is autumn! I’m convinced that someone is sweeping away all the conkers this year. You have managed to capture some wonderful autumn shots, the reds are just perfect.

  6. Agree re yellow shoes! And what you did find was pretty fantastic though – love the berries (2nd photo) such great colours together #hdygg

  7. i love how the vine is just sitting on the wall, although I’m sure those creepers have a very strong attachment

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