Bowls of figs

Xàbia, Part 2

Our relatives introduced us to Xàbia Mercadillo — a weekday market at Plaça de la Constitució. We headed over first thing in the morning before the midday heat arrived.

View down old street

Fiesta decorations strung up in street

These decorations were all leftover from the fiesta; each street had its own theme.

Fiesta decorations hung over street

Painted Carrer Santa Marta sign

We snaked through old streets, down towards a maze of tables shaded by a patchwork cloth canopy.

Handbags hanging on market stands
Xàbia Mercadillo

The tables were stacked with bags, shoes, clothes, toys, ceramics and household items. We’d hoped for Spanish made items but only a tiny small percentage (if any) were, so we didn’t buy anything in the end. A shame because I would have loved a hand painted dish as a souvenir.

Rows of hats

Dog sitting under market stall

The food section of the market was great!!

Bowls of figs
Piles of pomegranate
Piles of fresh tomatoes
Piles of peppers and aubergines
Striped aubergines
Men selling melons
“Melon man”

These melons weighed a ton! My inlaws bought two and had to carry them around the market and back to the car. Impressive stamina.

Cut samples of melon

Dog sat in basket in the shade

Floral patterned tiles

Man walking down old street

Shaded streets below a clear blue sky

Couple walking down plant lined street

That was our last excursion in Xàbia. We’d be starting our journey to Granda for a wedding, the following day.

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