Blue wool fingerless gloves

Yan Tan Tethera gloves

I’ve been on a bit of a knitting roll lately. Lots of projects seem to have gone on and come off my needles fairly quickly. However, when I finished my Ursula hat I realised there were no more projects in my queue. That was, until the postman delivered something special.

Ball of variegated blue yarn
Yan Tan Tethera Yarn Club: Plumage

It was a birthday present – a one month subscription to the Yan Tan Tethera Yarn Club! Inside the neatly wrapped package from Baa Baa Brighouse was a limited edition skein of Yorkshire yarn called Plumage. 225m of DK yarn, hand dyed by Crystal Flanagan of Domesticated Human. A slouchy hat pattern was included but I already have a couple of hats so I made some gloves instead.

Bright blue ball of yarn
My sloppy attempt at a yarn cake!

The pattern I used was Cupcake Mittlets by Shantha Ramachandran. Although the lace detailing in the pattern was subtle it didn’t look right knitted in Plumage – which I realised after knitting a whole glove minus the thumb! So I frogged it and used the same pattern, knitting every round instead. I’m really pleased these gloves; they fit perfectly and the yarn has knitted up beautifully.

Blue knitted fingerless glove

Hands in blue gloves on wall

Hands in knitted blue gloves

Nice yarn, shame about my hands! They look really chapped because I’d just washed the car in the cold. Should have done the glove photos first really. I think these will get a lot of use over the coming weeks, especially as I can now use my camera without having to take my gloves off.

Did you know that ‘Yan Tan Tethera‘ means 1 2 3. It was an old numbering system traditionally used by shepherds to count sheep!

Project notes

  • Pattern: Cupcake Mittlets by Shantha Ramachandran
  • Wool: Yan Tan Tethera Yarn – Plumage (DK, 100g/225m)
  • Yardage: 130m
  • Needles: I used 2.75mm to achieve the desired fit
  • Project duration: 3 evenings

4 comments on “Yan Tan Tethera gloves

  1. Those came out wonderful! I love the colors in the yarn. It has such a pretty halo too. I bet they are nice and warm!

  2. Gorgeous – and they look perfect for this weather.

    PS. I saw the word Wensleydale and ALL that went through my mind was cheese on toast…

  3. Beautiful yarn. Those are great gloves. You are quite brave washing the car in the cold. My car is covered in dirt and salt, but with snow still on the ground and more forecast every few days, I think it is going to stay dirty for a while.

  4. I know the sheep-counting reference from Terry Pratchet’s wee free men! Beautiful yarn.

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