Ground level view of water

Mini adventure at Frensham Pond

The hardest day between Christmas and New Year is the one where you reluctantly emerge from what I call ‘the Christmas cocoon’ — the time spent loafing about in pyjamas, gorging on chocolate and leftover cheese.

Playing with our Christmas presents was our only motivator for getting out and about on this particular day. We made our way to Frensham Little Pond with gadgets in tow, ready to make a short video of our morning. This video contains clips filmed on my GoPro and some from Scott’s phone (which was attached to a gimbal).

The song is an instrumental version of New Slang by The Shins. I love it! I’m still getting to grips with filming but I think this video already looks better than the first one I made.

The GoPro is waterproof so I decided to bite the bullet and plop it in the pond — with a wince and all my fingers and toes crossed. I’m really pleased with the under water clips but visibility would probably be better on a sunny day. Now I just need to find an area of water with something going on under the surface.

Stumbling on the cafe was a stroke of luck. I say cafe, but it’s a small building where they serve through a window and you eat outside on benches. Neither of us could resist the smell of hot pastry or the thought of a hot chocolate so we stopped to refuel… even though we were only half an hour into our walk.

In other news — I’ve now got a larger memory card which means I can shoot in 4K without running out of space. Huzzah! Video stabilisation isn’t supported in 4K mode so we’re going to order a 3D printed adaptor for attaching the GoPro to the gimbal. Hopefully we’ll be shooting like pros soon, ready for the adventures ahead of us this year.

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  1. That’s IT you have to adopt me, I’m coming to live with you.

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