Woman walking dog in the snow

Around Stockholm, December 2022

December was a month of pig shaped sweet treats, ice, coats like sleeping bags, the smell of wood smoke, amaryllis and people carrying large Christmas trees. Darkness was one of the most notable traits; the days seemed even darker than the same month last year.

Man selling Christmas trees
Straw goat

The Gävlebocken survived December!! Not the tiny one above… a ginormous straw goat placed in Slottstorget (Gävle). Every year, the population of Sweden waits to see whether it will survive or get burnt down by arsonists. Apparently it has been destroyed more times than it has survived.

Marzipan pig
Julpost / Christmas post
People at korv stand
Glögg and hotdog stop
Unpopular culture lettering
Bad Culture for Bad People
Man making candy
Gamla Stans Polkagriskokeri

I saw a mini video about Gamla Stans Polkagriskokeri on Instagram and it piqued my curiosity. Although I’m not really in to sweets, I had to try some when I saw it being made by hand in the shop (only the paper wrapper versions).

Red and white candy
Free Iran sign
“Free Iran”

Illustrated price signs

Ice on water

Ice reached the inner city — only passing boats stopped the water in the distance freezing.

I Refuse to Accept projection
“I refuse to accept”
Snow warning sign
“Risk of injury, icicles”
Snow on roof

Skeppsholmen is where our journey to Sweden began (although we didn’t realise it at the time), so it’s always nice to go back for a wander around the boat yard.

Snow on path
Lights projected on building
Nobel Week Lights

We saw the Nobel Week Lights at Stockholm City Hall. The projections were all inspired by prize winning discoveries.

Fightbox sign
Swimmers walking on snow
Vintersimmare / Winter swimmers

Snow and ice didn’t stop the swimmers!

Woman walking dog in the snow

Light ring around full moon
Halo kring månen / halo moon
Red wooden house
Vita Bergens Malmgård
Blue light through window
Vita Bergens Malmgård

Snow on ski slope

Smartly dressed couple

I took very few photos on New Year’s Eve. Above is the only one from the city and it’s not even in focus! However, it does capture the love of NYE formal wear in Sweden. This surprised us when we first arrived, given the preference for casual clothing day to day, even for work. I love seeing people walking around in tuxedos and their best dresses at the end of the year!

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