Snow covered rooftops

Around Stockholm, January 2021

January has been a good month for weather nerds like me. The temperatures have fluctuated quite a bit and we’ve seen rain, fog and snow. Plus the sun finally came back for several hours at a time — what a good day that was.

Fog over water

Djurgården ferry 11
Djurgården färja / Djurgården ferry

Colourful blurred lights

Empty city
Man carrying bag of bottles and cans
PANT collector
Social distancing sign on bike
Thank you for keeping your distance

Couple carrying Christmas tree

Early January involved lots of people carrying Christmas trees to collection points around the city. The discarded trees will be converted into climate-smart biochar and used for district heating and soil improvement. I usually carve the stump into something but didn’t have time this year. On the plus side, more stump means more heat for city buildings.

Dog looking out of door

Seagull by the water

Covid sign on statue
“Covid is a police weapon” sign

Concrete bird

Woman sat alone on bench

Using public transport is a rare occurance for us at the moment. When it’s needed, we travel by boat if possible. They are virtually empty because there are no tourists and people are working from home. This lady was the only other person on there.

Row of lights

Mid January bought snow. So much snow! Then sheet ice. Then even more snow.

Snow on old street

People skating on ice rink
Skridskoåkning i Stockholm centrum / ice skating in Stockholm centre

Snow covered rooftops

I love this photo because it looks like the person is giving their dog a guided tour of the city.

Falling snow sign

These orange flags are used when roofs are laden with snow but haven’t been cleared yet. We scurry past them in case something falls on our heads. I don’t mind snow but an icicle or a lump of ice would be less than ideal.

Snow on city trees

Man pulling child in sledge

Orange tulip in the snow

These tulpaner are a reminder of brighter days to come. Someone had poked them in the snow outside a florist and I realised it had been a while since I’d seen such colour in nature. I say that but I’ll happily live in snow for as long as it’s here.

4 comments on “Around Stockholm, January 2021

  1. Lovely photos as always, Gemma! These slice of life type of daily documentation of your surroundings make me miss photoblogs. My favorite one has to be the portrait of the dog looking outside.

  2. Clare Brown

    Thank you for this lovely essay and series of photos. I write from Melbourne Australia, where we are really missing travelling. This blog put a smile on my face! Thank you!

    • Gemma Evans

      This is so nice to hear… thank you! And your comment bought a smile to my face today. I’m looking forward to the day where travel is possible again. Until then, armchair travel on the internet is the backup plan.

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