Flowers in front of house

Around Stockholm, May 2022

May was an explosion of colour and sunshine; a sensory overload compared to the previous month. Cyclists were zipping around the city again, people downgraded to light (or no) jackets and parks were filled with swathes of bright tulips.

Long metro platform
T-Bana / metro
Row of bikes
Winter tyre change

Rows of bikes with tyres hanging from the handlebars are common at this time of year, as people are switching from studded Winter tyres.

Boats on the water
The boats are back
Sunset over water
Vårens solnedgång / Spring sunset

We saw this amazing sunset from a restaurant on the water. In the Summer, boats moor up and people stop for food. The church you can see on the background is located on the next island.

Tall tulip
Tulpaner / tulips
Man stood with dog

Cup of ice cream

Glassverkstan is a hole in the wall ice cream shop on Skeppsholmen. We last ate ice cream here in -10c — Scott’s lips actually went blue. Going back to Skeppsholmen is always nice because there are lots of old boats in the yard and it’s where we stayed during our first trip to Stockholm.

Plate of salad on table
Crane over city

Slussen construction continues (work in progress photos at the bottom of the Wikipedia page). We’ve only ever known this area in chaos so I’m looking forward to ~2026!

Row of flowers
Pelargonium / geraniums
Concrete jetty
Väntar på båten / waiting for the boat

The concrete jetty above is for public transport boats. Remembering to flip the call sign is the only caveat.

View of house through window
Stockholm archipelago
Kid looking out of boat window
Mini sailor
Flowers in front of house
Lila / lilac

Lilac is one of my favourite parts of the Stockholm landscape; it’s everywhere in Spring. We often see people walking around with lilac flowers they’ve plucked from trees.

Fruit stand
Frukt / fruit

These pop-up fruit markets start appearing mid Spring and we’re lucky to have one just up the road. Supermarket fruit can be pretty iffy at this time of year because it has a long journey from Southern Europe. It’s always good from these stands though — the fruit comes from countries closer to home in Northern Europe.

Not long until Swedish strawberries will start appearing! They are the best according to Swedes and science… a cooler climate means the plants don’t burn through their sugars as fast (resulting in sweeter strawberries).

Trousers covered in patches

A friend told us these patch trousers are worn by students graduating from one of Stockholm’s technical universities.

Wooden hand on stone wall
Stadion station

And that’s all for May!

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