Jars of pears of saffron

Around Stockholm, November 2021

November was a month of new light; candles for Alla Helgons Dag and festive decorations. The streets became a stream of people in dark coats, big hats and chunky boots. Trees surrendered the last of their leaves, ice formed throughout the archipelago and the first snowfall arrived. Quite a change from last month.

Group of burning candles
Alla Helgons Dag
Candles on table
Alla Helgons Dag

I ventured to Skogskyrkogården (a huge forest cemetary) with a couple of friends on Alla Helgons Dag. We all planned to go last year but infection numbers were high so we decided against it — thousands of people visit in a single night and SL warned of crowding on transport. Thankfully the situation was better this year.

Skogskyrkogården is an amazing place; have a look at this video if you want to experience all the candles. We lit most of our candles in a small local church yard but our friends had a spare one, so I also lit a candle for my grandparents on meditation hill in Skogskyrkogården.

Covid vaccination drop-in sign
Covid-19 vaccination drop-in

Growing climbing shapes

I was just about to click the shutter when this kid rocketed up one of the play shapes. His Mum told us he wanted to be in the photo and actually, he does a good job of showing the scale of them.

Floating restaurant
Båtrestaurang / boat restaurant
Crossed roads and railway tracks
Layers of transport
Old and new buildings
Old and new
Kale tree in pot
Grönkålsplanta / kale plant
Apartment lights
Apartment lights
People queueing in canteen
IKEA mat / IKEA food

We went to the IKEA canteen for dinner. It seems like a popular thing to do here, probably because it’s so cheap. Fish and chips for Scott and a vegetarian jultallrik (Christmas plate) for me.

Swimmers sat on jetty
Vinterbad / Winter swimming

Wild swimmers were still braving the cold water. I’ve been tempted but I think back to attempting to swim at Erstaviksbadet during early Summer and realise it’s something I need to work up to.

Bottles of Christmas beer
Jul öl / Christmas beer
Jars of pears of saffron
Saffran Päron / saffron pears

These jars of saffron pears are so gorgeous!

Tray of hyacinth bulbs

Ice on wooden boards

The big freeze started towards the end of the month. Ice formed over large areas of water, outside of busy boat routes.

Sheet of ice on water

Expanse of frozen water
Skärgårdsis / archipelago ice

And then we woke up to snow!! Anyone who has been following my blog for a while knows I love snow! Spoiler alert for my December post… we had quite a bit more.

Person walking in the snow

That’s all for November!

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