Wooden building in the snow

Around Stockholm, November 2022

November was a month of candles in cemeteries (alla helgons dag), fading sun, hyacinth bulbs, Christmas chocolate in the supermarket, leafy clementines, cosy windows, saffron, paper julstjärna and the first snow of the year!

Buns in a bakery
Solbulle (saffran)

Bakers started getting liberal with the saffron. Lussebullar, saffransbullar, saffranskakor, solbullar and saffron donuts, to name a few. I love saffron so there will never be any complaints from me.

Closed sign
Stängt för säsongen, ses i maj / closed for the season, see you in May

Man holding small dog

Neon Victoria sign
Victoria bio, Södermalm
Dog sleeping on the floor
Drop Coffee Roasters

Woman walking in the snow

The first snow arrived while we were sat in the pizza restaurant above. I wrote about it in another post so I won’t repeat myself here, but check out that one if you’d like to see more photos. It was quite dramatic!

Snow covered tree

Cyclist in the snow

Trams stuck in the snow
Stuck trams

We’re very settled into Swedish life but occasionally, I still see things that blow my mind when I realise they’re part of our home. This boat house in the snow was one of them…

Wooden building in the snow
Dianelunds båtklubb
Red wooden building with snowy roof
Dianelunds koloniförening

Man pushing pram through snow

Trees in the snow

One of the things I love most about snow is its ability to transform familiar spaces into something new. Clusters of trees in urban parks feel more like forests, snow tracks reveal the hidden movement of wildlife and the same buildings you walk past every day look even cosier.

Child walking in the snow

Men shoveling snow

I felt a bit sorry for these guys because there was so much snow to clear and more started falling shortly after this photo was taken. Maybe they just gave up and went for fika.

Wooden tomte with lantern

And that’s all for November!

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