People holding umbrellas

Around Stockholm, September 2022

September was a month of grey days, raincoats and waterproof boots, pots of heather for sale, black clothing, loppis in most courtyards and a return towards general cosiness.

Line of boats

Animal sculptures
Siri Carlén
Woman selling items
Liljeholmen loppis

We went to a 2km loppis in Liljeholmen — it was as overwhelming as it sounds. Both sides of the street were lined with sellers and buyers filled all the space inbetween. Despite the market size, we only came away with a Kalle Anka comic from 1972 (for learning Swedish). I admire the dedication to loppis life here!

Crowds of people
Liljeholmen loppis
Dog being carried
Tired dog at the loppis
Parked car
2CV Special

Tray of decorated doughnuts

I don’t really like doughnuts but I was very tempted by these. We called in at a second loppis after Liljeholmen above, and found some great food trucks for lunch.

People on a scooter in raincoat

Two people walking with a bike

It was pouring with rain so I took shelter in a doorway while I waited for the rain to stop. I’m really glad I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the photo above. I love how happy they look carrying a small box from a bakery (I’d really like to know what was inside). Capturing fleeting moments like this is one of the reasons I love photographing cities so much. Each photo is part luck and part speed.

Election numbers on newspaper
Swedish election results (right bloc win)

The Swedish elections resulted in a right bloc win 🙁 In contrast to that in the same week…

“Thank God for Immigrants”
Scooter parking outline
New scooter parking areas

Painted scooter parking areas started appearing on pavements. It’s an initiative to stop the streets getting clogged up with poorly parked scooters.

Group of people at a crossing
Clouds over bridge

Shut up legs! sign

I’ll remember these words of wisdom next time my legs ache on a hike:

When my legs hurt,
I say: Shut up legs!
Do what I tell you to do!

Jens Voigt

People holding umbrellas

As you can see, the weather really took a turn compared to August. Most Swedes switch to the stylish Winter uniform they are famous for… head to toe black with another neutral like grey or beige.

Hotdog vendor

Person dressed in tiger suit
Max, Drottninggatan

We love Max! It’s the Swedish version of McDonalds but way better because it’s less greasy and they have lots of interesting plant based options. There aren’t usually tigers outside, this was just for the grand opening. Drottninggatan is somewhere we go shopping fairly often or for the loppis at Hötorget… now we can pick up a burger at the same time… since we’ll be walking past Max.

Cat painted on postbox

That’s all for September!

2 comments on “Around Stockholm, September 2022

  1. I love these pics, especially the little Bedlington Terrier being carried around the market, they’re one of my favourite breeds… oh and the doughnuts!!! 🐶❤️🍩😋

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Tina! That dog looked so tired out, I think the owner had no choice but to carry it at that point. I regret not trying one of those doughnuts… a good excuse to go back again 🙂

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