Smoky blue cabbage

How does Bergen grow?

I’ve been on a bit of a Norway-fest this week because I finally finished sorting through all of our holiday photos. It was no small task I can tell you. These photos are from our accidental discovery of Muséhagen, the garden of the Museum of Bergen. We had a day where we hadn’t planned anything so we just started walking and this is what we found.

A little vegetable patch in the centre of the garden. Nyttevekster means ‘crops’. I took photos of the signs to help me work out the name of the garden when I got home and most of them translated to things like ‘keep off the grass’ and ‘air dog somewhere else’ (eh!?).

Museum vegetable garden

Museum vegetable garden

Autumn had well and truly arrived which mean’t most of the plants were on their last legs, but there were still bursts of colour dotted around. Look at the colour of these cabbages!

Purple cabbage leaves

I absolutely love the smoky blue colour of this cabbage.

Blue cabbage

This plant is called Actaea Racemosa and I’ve added it to my ever growing wishlist of plants because it smelt so summery.

White and pink flowers
Actaea Racemosa

I’ve no idea what these berries are but the colour is lovely.

Red berries on a branch

These Echinacea heads looked brown from a distance but up close they were dotted with tiny spikes of red and orange.

Echinacea heads with no petals

Crocus! Didn’t expect to see these growing in Norway in October!

Cluster of purple crocus

On our way out of the garden I spied a metal frame greenhouse and couldn’t resist a peek inside.

Looking through a greenhouse window

These images are a big contrast to the mountain photos I’ve been sorting and blogging week. If you want to see some beautiful scenery check out these posts, I’d love to hear what you think:

16 comments on “How does Bergen grow?

  1. Ooo I love this, a look around a place I’ve never been. Those cabbages are so pretty and I love that sneaky peek in the greenhouse.
    Now I must go and see the scenery posts! *legs it*
    *legs it back to say ‘Cheese and Pancetta on Toast’*
    *pokes out tongue*

    Thank you for sharing and joining in again Gemma 🙂

    • I think you would have liked it there, they had all sorts of plants and garden areas to explore. I have never had cheese and pancetta on toast. Another variation to add to the repertoire 😉

  2. I am envious of you visiting Norway-I was due to go and see Aha’s final concert in Oslo and tour round a bit but an impending birth kind of stopped all that!

  3. Fantastic cabbages – both colour ways – I always think I should have them and then only remember when I spy fab photos of them …perhaps next year!
    And those crocuses may well be their relative the colchium, the autumn flowering sort. We have some in our garden and the first time I saw them they compelled there me.

    • I’m not sure if either of the cabbages were edible but they were nice to look at. I didn’t know Autumn flowering crocus varieties existed, thank you!

  4. Air dog somewhere else? Now pictures of dogs in clothes line is stuck in my head =P

    Love those red berries. They are so shiny! #hdygg

  5. love the cabbages with their eye catching blues and purples and those Echinacea are really lovely

    • They are! I planted some Echinacea in the garden this year but they didn’t get anywhere near this stage, bit of a fail…

  6. Cabbages are such a beautiful, colourful plant. And air dog hey?! Sounds fun 😉

  7. I now want to have cabbages growing all over my garden! Beautiful photos and just been enjoying reading your other posts on Norway!

  8. We would love to visit Norway! This looks like a great little veg patch, I love seeing all of the colours x #HDYGG

  9. Just lovely Gemma – so nice to see another part of the world from my armchair 🙂

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