Trail marker on tree

Bohusleden: Day 7

Route: Bjursjön (Uddevalla) to Stockholm, via Göteborg

We awoke to ominous clouds. Knowing bad weather was on the way added a little more urgency to packing everything up — I think it may have been the fastest we’ve ever disassembled a tent.

View down tree lined lake
Östra badplatsen, Bjursjön
Wooden jetty stretching into water
Östra badplatsen, Bjursjön

Both of us slept badly and a cup of tea was much needed. I realised I’d left our cotton tea bag in the hotel (nooooo!) so we improvised by chucking the leaves in the cups. They sank to the bottom and we ended up with a great cup of tea.

Cups of brewing tea

Woman stood on wooden jetty

We started the 7.1km walk to Uddevalla train station. A few forest trails at first (although much flatter than previous days), then gravel roads, then tarmac roads. We ate a few last handfuls of blueberries on our way.

Closeup of plump blueberry

Forest trail

Trail marker on tree

Tree lined gravel road

Rows of old apartments
Dalaberg i Uddevalla

We snaked our way through this neighbourhood, called in at ICA for train snacks and continued on towards the train station. It was a bit of a jolt back to reality after so much time in the forest.

View down shopping area
ICA, Dalaberg
Road lined with wooden houses

Plants in window boxes

Old car parked in drive way

The Västtrafik app showed a rail replacement bus for the train we needed. We couldn’t believe our luck when we got to the station and discovered the train to Göteborg was running afterall… and leaving in 3 minutes!!

Passengers sat on train
Uddevalla > Göteborg

Dog sitting on sleeping owners lap

Big bite on swollen ankle

The mosquito bite on my ankle got a few looks (although the swelling meant I had more of a cankle). It looks like borreliosis but it’s not, it’s just how my body reacts to the bigger mosquitos unfortunately. These bigger bites don’t itch, they just feel bruised and painful.

Getting from Göteborg to Stockholm on the same day was the next piece of the travel puzzle. We sat on the train to Göteborg looking at trains to Stockholm but most were already booked up for the rest of the day. Worst case, we’d stay in Göteborg for a night but we just wanted to be home at that point. We got lucky again with FlixTrain, who had 4 seats available on a train that left 10 minutes after we arrived in Göteborg. I swear we used up a months worth of luck in a single day.

Train carriages

Man sitting on train

Woman sitting on train

Shoes on door mat
Home sweet home

We sat on the train home looking and feeling like a pair of swamp monsters. As sad as I was to leave the trails, I was happy to come home to beautiful Stockholm and our cosy apartment. And just like that, our Summer adventure was over. We’ll go back to finish the rest of Bohusleden someday.

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