Dog peering through legs on the train

Around Stockholm, July 2023

July was a month of quiet, fractionally shorter days, people sailing boats through city waterways, Summer sales, rain, temporary outdoor bars, bouncing between hot days and cooler days, golden evening light and tick vaccination adverts.

Tall buildings behind row of boats in the water

Lots of small boats line Stockholm waterways during Summer, and many cruise along with Swedish flags attached to the back. Those buildings in the background are unusually tall for central Stockholm; a lack of overall height is something I really like about this city.

Tiled eye mural on wall

Man reading a book outside a cafe

Dog steeping on tram step
Tram dog
Semesterstängt sign on window

It’s common to see semesterstängt (closed for the holidays) written on many doors and windows, as people close businesses to take their Summer breaks. Most employers offer a month off at this time of year, which means the city can feel quite deserted outside of tourist hotspots.

Couple sat by the water

Strawberry seller with fruit

Man taping posters on a wall
Poster man

We often see poster man in various parts of the city with his cart. A familiar face among many unknown people.

Dog peering through legs on the train

Pixel tile arrangement on wall
Thorildsplan (Lars Arrhenius)

Men standing on tree leaning into the water

People made the most of the sunshine by sunbathing along city shores and swimming in the water.

Cyclist waiting at traffic light

People sat outside a city bakery
Haga Bageri
Coloured lights on escalator steps
Tiny wooden house under large concrete bridge

This may look like a tiny house nestled under a bridge but it’s actually part of a nightclub.

Lavender growing in front of old building
Market stand with cover
Hötorget marknad
View down narrow street

Gamla Stan is full of tourists during Summer but you only have to go one or two streets either side of Västerlånggatan to avoid the crowds. Although, doing so means you don’t catch the hunger inducing smell of cooking waffles!

Cyclist waiting for car to pass

Rain pouring down on city waterway

The month ended with heavy rain. We felt relieved after a hot and dry Summer that left everything looking quite parched.

And that’s all for July!

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