Umbrellas on a beach at sunset

Xàbia, Part 1

We recently visited Xàbia (Spain) and despite only being there for a couple of days, I came home with quite a few photos!

Platja de L’arenal

Platja de L’arenal is a beach in central Xàbia. Sunbathers and surfers on one side; lots of shops, bars, restaurants and an ice cream shop on the other.

People on the beach and in the sea

Woman sat looking out to sea

View of mountain at the end of a beach

Meet Montgó. We’ve visited the area several times but never had a chance to venture up the mountain — partly because it has been so hot every time, despite us being there either side of the Summer months. Needless to say, we’re more cold weather creatures.

Evening sun shining on palm trees

Woman braiding hair by the beach
Beach front braiding

People sitting with their dogs

People playing volleyball on the beach
Golden hour

Looking up at a colourful sunset

Colourful sky over ocean

Most people left the beach before sunset; they missed an amazing sky! I’m glad I walked down to the sea when I did because these colours disappeared shortly afterwards, and these are some of my best photos from the trip.

Umbrellas on a beach at sunset

People on beach at sunset

Glowing lights on the beach at night

The beach looking beautiful at night! We ate dinner in the large restaurant at the front.

Pink flowers growing on a tree

Many Xàbia streets are lined with Oleander trees. And best of all, hibiscus. Unfortunately, none of my hibiscus photos were in focus!

Beachside bag seller

People walking on coastal path

Port De Xàbia

Xàbia had plenty of narrow streets to explore and the coastline felt wilder compared to Platja de L’arenal. It was also pretty quiet when we visited in the morning.

People sunbathing on a pebble beach

Tree in wooden crate

Tall church columns
Parroquia del Mar

Parroquia del Mar is a small church with narrow wooden doorways all the way around — we poked our heads inside and each one had a wall mounted electric fan over the top.

Couple reading at a cafe table

Glass of orange juice
Zumo de naranja

This sweet, freshly squeezed orange juice was the dream!

Stack of wicker bags

Colourful building and doorway

Woman braiding hair by the beach

Palm trees next to buildings

Tiled steps

It was nice to look around the port for a couple of hours because it’s not a part of Xàbia we’ve explored before. Read part 2.

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