Moody sky and sunshine

Chasing light in Edale

Chasing nice light is one my favourite photographic pastimes. On the morning I took these photos, thick cloud hung over the hills but the sun was determined to make an appearance. It all started a shimmer of light which faded as quickly as it appeared. I looked up at the sky and thought, “that might be the only sun we see today”.

Light shining on hill
Heather Borkowski

Fortunately for us, the sun shone through just as we reached higher ground. It was the sort of situation where you just had to point and shoot because if you took too long, it was gone!

Gate with hills in the background

Gate with hills in the background

I love the warm light against the cold sky. I haven’t edited these colours — you are seeing the landscape exactly as I saw it.

Stone cottage in hills

Woman photographing hills

Moody sky and sunshine

Dry stone wall

The Edale area (in the Peak District) is absolutely stunning. Find me a stone house with a garden big enough to grow some veggies and I’ll move tomorrow!

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