View over pond

Château du Rouët part deux

Château du Rouët is one of the nicest places I’ve ever visited for a wedding – I’ll still be gushing about this place in years to come. I shared a few photos from inside Le Grande Maison but I took so many of the grounds, they need a post of their own.

View over pond
Château du Rouët pond
Old French house
Château du Rouët

Hydrangeas as big as your head!

Hydrangea head
Ginger cat in the sun

This cat was so friendly. It ventured inside the main house to say hello, eat crisps from our hands and sat with us while we drank gallons of wine. I got chatting to the owner and I think she said it was called Moivat — or something along those lines. Another holiday, another cat friend. Shame I couldn’t take it home.

Citrus tree
Citrus tree
Green wooden door
Old wooden doors

Old French building

Our room was the one on the top floor and about the same size as the flat we lived in before moving here — either the flat was small or our room was very large. It had a great view over the grounds and ceremony below. Most importantly, a clear view of night sky for a star photo (one of their wedding presents).

Yellow and black flowers

Grape vines

Storm clouds rolled in the next morning. Most people were still asleep so I walked down to the vineyard and olive groves. Crickets were jumping around my feet and little did I know, bugs were feasting on my legs and they would look like pepperoni pizza a few hours later.

Olive grove

Mountains and storm clouds

Mountain views were the icing on the cake.

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  1. Such lovely photos of our Happy Place!
    We re-visit them often. Eternally grateful x

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