Bike resting on tree

First Swim of the Year

Hot weather arrived and we wanted to make the most of it, but we also didn’t have the energy for a hike on this particlar day. A beach day was the perfect solution! We packed some books, snacks and the Trangia stove, and headed to Erstviksbadet. The beach was covered in snow when we last visited in January.

Pinecone on the sand
Kotte / pinecone
Small sandy beach

One end of the beach is very open in full sun; the end we prefer is still sandy but also has forest cover and rocks.

Woman and child in the sea

Wave pattern from above

Looking up at treetops
Laying on the ground and looking up

Sunbathing is unusual for us but that’s exactly what we did. Trees shaded our heads while our bodies sprawled out in the sun. I’d been feeling like I hadn’t fully kicked my Winter lethargy but several hours of sun on my body did the trick. I felt like a new person the next day.

Book page

Man with book over face
Scott reading
Mozzarella salad in bowls
Tomat och mozzarella

Lunch was portable and delicious. A tomato, mozzerella and basil salad — the mozzarella was stuffed into an insultated flask to keep it cool. We also took some bread and cooked a bunch of asparagus on the stove.

Asparagus in frying pan
Trangia stove

The Trangia is a fairly new addition to our outdoor kit… and I love it! It came with a liquid fuel burner but I bought a gas burner attachment for extra convenience (faster to heat and there is no need to fill/empty fuel).

Asparagus in bowl
Sparris / asparagus

Ripples on water

We watched several people take a dip in the sea without screaming (unlike last year), which tempted me to have a go. I hadn’t packed any swimwear so I just swam in my underwear.

Woman swimming in the sea
Me swimming

The cold made my legs hurt but deep breathing helped a little; getting past boob level is always the biggest challenge. A lady sat on the rocks called out to ask if it was cold… and I replied with “very cold”. She didn’t seem surprised. I came out and ended up going back in another three times though.

Woman sitting in hammock
Hängmatta / hammock

Bike resting on tree

Closeup of flower petals
Violett / violet

Scott finished his book and we’d eaten all the food, so it was time to go home. I left feeling so relaxed.

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