Wooden boats on the water

Fjäderholmarna island

A boat trip to Fjäderholmarna was one of the more touristy activities from our Stockholm trip. It’s a small archipelago island fifteen minutes away from the city centre by boat. Since neither of us could pronounce “Fjäderholmarna” (our attempts were hilarious), we handed a leaflet to the person working in the ticket booth and hoped for the best.

Boat on water
Boat to Fjäderholmarna

If you are reading this and plan to visit in the Summer, it’s quicker to buy a ticket from the booth rather than buying one in line — the queue can be very long and the pre-paid tickets board first.

View over the water
Lunch view
Red wooden house
House goals

I would love to live in a painted wooden house. Maybe one day. This one would be nice.

Wooden window frame and building

Red wooden building

Dried fish heads
Cod heads?

I’m not sure what type of fish these heads are. Does anyone know? They might be cod but I’m not 100% sure. Fish heads were nailed to the outside of several buildings on the island, presumably fishing huts. I didn’t find the sight of them that off-putting after visiting the stockfish frames in Norway — at least these didn’t hold jellied eyeballs!!

Wooden boat house interior
Boat house
Old green buoy
Old buoy in boat house
Rocks along the water
Fjäderholmarna cliffs

We planned to sit on the rocks for a while but everyone else had the same idea so it was hard to find a decent spot. In the end, we just dawdled around the island and soaked in the scenery.

Green seagull eggs
Seagull eggs
Seagull sitting on nest
Fjäderholmarna seagull

Birds nest freely on the island; you’ll find them perched on rocks and under trees close to paths. Unfortunately, the majority of people ventured far too close to get photos which caused them quite a bit of stress — especially those with chicks. We actually had to run away from a hissing goose after a couple of people wound it up. Thankfully my lens had a decent zoom which mean’t I didn’t need to get too close.

Geraniums in milk pail

Wooden boats on the water

Lovely spot!

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