Tree branches

Forest time

The run up to Christmas left very little time for outdoor aventures and I started to feel like I was developing cabin fever. Time to switch off, stretch my legs and breathe plenty of fresh air always pushes a reset button in my head. Without it, I end up feeling like a coiled spring. Thankfully we had one free day before Christmas kicked off, so we headed to the forest.

Sunlight on path

Mornings are the best time to visit. Partly because low light looks amazing through the trees and partly because getting up for an adventure puts a fire in my belly. This sort of day and holidays are the only time I willingly spring out of bed.

Closeup of orange fern

Tree branches

People walking through ferns

View between trees

The view from the highest point on our route.

Picnic bench in the sun
Picnic bench

Bag of chocolate

Chocolate and satsumas for mid-walk snacks. Came home with more satsumas than chocolates — they were only really there to make the bag look healthier.

Ginger and white dog

Sun behind leaf

Dappled sun on trees
Dark trails

There is a steep line of trees (8th photo) I try and find when walking this route but I only seem to find it when taking the wrong path! Annoying but also a nice suprise when I eventually find it again.

Moss growing on wood
Moss sporophytes (tall bits)

Stepping off stile

We only walked for a couple of hours but it was enough time to blow away the cobwebs. Heads reset in time for Christmas — mission accomplished.

4 comments on “Forest time

  1. Such a beautiful forest 😍 Is it close to your home?

    • Gemma Evans

      It’s close by, I feel very lucky 🙂 I’d like to visit more often than I do, though.

  2. Great photos! Looks so beautiful there✨

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