Red buildings

Gothenburg & Copenhagen on film

I always take two cameras on holiday — one film and one digital. This time, the Olympus Trip 35 came along for the journey along with two rolls of Dubblefilm (my first time using it). Bubblegum with pink and blue tones. Monsoon with muted green and blue. I’ve already written a post with snippets from Gothenburg, so head over there if you want to see more.

The first few photos are Monsoon. None of them are overly tinted but I love this photo of sun shining down on Stora Delsjön!

Sunshine on lake
Stora Delsjön
Reeds in the sun
Stora Delsjön
Lake and shore
Stora Delsjön
Blue and white tram
Gotheburg tram

Have I told you how much I love trams? Scott and I seem to lose our head over the older looking ones. There is even a list of trams in Gothenburg on Wikipedia! The 821 tram above is named after a Swedish botanist called Nils Dahlbeck, who worked in the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation until 1951.

Tram 705 below was named after a newspaper salesperson called Esther Juliana Andersson (also known as Ester in Brunnsparken).

Red buildings
Gotheburg tram
Plane and jetty
Near Åkersjön

I cast off this hat just before I flew to Salt Lake City (the trip before this one), so it is already well travelled. Finished just in time for the start of Spring when you really don’t need a hat.

The next few were shot on Bubblegum. I love the pink and blue tones but I think the film may have been faulty. Half of the photos came back blotchy and marked. I was a bit disappointed… and glad I also had a digital camera with me.

Plane wing and clouds
Somewhere over Copenhagen

View over land

Blue food truck
Jinx food truck
Building tops
Woman drinking through straw
Hot chocolate at Kalaset
Kalaset cafe
Pink painted building
Palace Cinema, Copenhagen

Sometimes spontaneous photos of people end up being the best ones because they looked more relaxed. I said “oi, over here” and snapped this one of Scott just as he realised what I was doing.

Man smiling
Copenhagen airport
Red buildings
Kastellet military fort
Plane and jetty
Copenhagen airport

Not as many photos as I’d hoped for but at least a few of them are half decent.

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