Cobbled street

Snippets from Gothenburg

We last visited Gothenburg all the way back in 2015, but only for one day. So it was high up on the list when we headed back to Sweden this time around. I’m going to write posts for the bigger adventures but wanted to share a few snippets in the meantime. Suprisingly for me, I didn’t take all that many photos.

Cobbled street
Haga, Gothenburg

Yellow daffodil heads

Riding electric scooters through Gothenburg’s cobbled streets was great fun. We downloaded the Voi app, added a credit card, scanned a QR code on the scooter and off we went. Whizzing over cobbles at 15mph was a mistake I only made once; I was lucky my teeth didn’t turn to dust.

Me on scooter
Voi scooter
Bee painting on door
Hand written poster
Bunches of yellow flowers
Straw flowers
Colourful bath bar
Lush bath goodies

Life in the lead up to this trip was a rough ride and we stepped foot off the plane looking like a pair of extras from The Walking Dead. My body was craving a long soak in the bath so we picked up a few goodies from Lush.

We also booked a cheeky spa morning at Gothia Towers. It’s somewhere we visited on our first trip to Gothenburg — and somewhere we wanted to go back to. I’m not usually that fussed about spas but this one is amazing. I snapped a quick naked face photo afterwards because I looked like a new person and didn’t know how long that would last.

Photo taken in mirror
New face!
Blue and red diner decor
Egg & Milk diner

Egg & Milk was the American diner we stopped by for hot chocolate and an Oreo milkshake. People watching in window seats in a window seat is the best way to enjoy warm drink. Talking of tasty things, these tofu buns from Jinx Food Truck were one of the best things I ate. I could have hoovered up ten of them.

Bun in takeaway box
Tofu buns
Makes Tacos Not War sign
Tacos & Tequila

Tacos & Tequila was a great Mexican bar tucked in a courtyard behind two giant wooden doors. I hate tequila so I stuck to tacos 🙂

View from Skansen Kronan (fortress)

Nighttime photography is on my list of things to improve this year, so I spent a bit of time practicing that. I think this photo of Scott came out really well.

Night portrait in street

Dimly lit street at night
-30°C all the way up to 40°C

A lovely dog sitting in the doorway of a shop called Fåfängan Antik (Haga area). I was hoping he or she would be given away free with the old postcards I bought, but sadly not. I was keen to go back here because it’s where I bought these amazing postcards illustrated by Elsa Hammar.

Dog in sunny doorway
Fåfängan Antik
Tables outside shop
Fåfängan Antik

And that’s a wrap on some of the happy memories from Gothenburg. I’m also pleased to report I finally got my lips around a Semla bun after weeks of thinking about them. Happy days.

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  1. Take me with you next time 😀

    • Gemma Evans

      Haha! I’m sensing this request is down to the electric scooters 😉

  2. Loving all of your photos!

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