Lake view

Bjusan lake, Dalarna

Our final week in Sweden was a holiday which started with a train journey from Stockholm to the Dalarna region. We spent most of our time exploring the great outdoors Sweden has to offer. These photos were taken on our first hike of the week from the centre of Borlänge to Bjusan lake.

Red wooden houses
Outer Borlänge

In general, trails in this area were really quiet and we often didn’t see another soul for most of the day. A lack of people mean’t rugged trails, no litter and true peace and quiet… but it also mean’t the mosquitos hadn’t been fed in a while.

Dark forest trail

Dark forest trail

View over town
View from Tjärnaberget

Our first proper stop was the peak of a peak called Tjärnaberget. No mosquitos and a fantastic view over the town made it the perfect lunch stop. We shared a big salad, had a celebratory cookie and snapped a few photos before moving on to the lake.

Eating lunch on a rock
Lunch on Tjärnaberget

Tjärnaberget was covered with what I think are wild blueberries. I was tempted to try one but then I remembered that scene from Into the Wild (great film by the way) where Christopher McCandless mistakenly eats seeds from wild sweet peas. There’s no way I was going out at the start of my holiday.

Wild blueberries
Pained wooden cabin
Bjusanstugan cabin

We later stumbled upon a resting cabin called Bjusanstugan — my favourite discovery of the day. A cosy wooden cabin with a log burner, mattress, wooden tables and a few essentials. I love the idea of doing a multi-day hike and stopping off overnight in cabins. Most of the others we found were open fronted with a ring of rocks for a fire, but after a day on your feet, they would still be a good place to recharge.

Wooden cabin interior
Bjusanstugan cabin
RIP and photo of man
Så föll ett långsamt regn genom trädgården. Och jag gick ut för att stilla en oövervinnelig törst.

Because we want and because we can!
R.I.P Kristian 17/09/13

Then a slow rain fell through the garden. And I went out to stop an invincible thirst.
Kristian Gidlund

Kristian Gidlund has his own Wikipedia page and the second quote is from the last post on his blog.

Purple lupin in front of cabin
Wild lupin
Lake view
Bjusan lake

Further down the trail, we found another resting cabin next to Bjusan lake. It started raining heavily so we perched inside for a while and enjoyed the view.

Tree in lake edge
Bjusan lake

Trail on a slope

Muddy forest trail

We walked in the rain for many miles (hiding in a few trees along the way) and eventually made it back to our hotel. I had trouble staying awake once I’d put my feet up but being half asleep by 9pm is a sign of a good day outdoors in my opinion 🙂 That night, we tucked into a fantastic meal at a local restaurant and got ready to do it all again the next day.

P.S. There are a clips from our hike in this video.

4 comments on “Bjusan lake, Dalarna

  1. Ummmm looks so lovely and tranquil 😍xx

    • Gemma Evans

      It was indeed. You don’t realise just how noisy humanity is until you’ve been away from it all day and go back to it again 🙂

  2. Hello!

    Found your blog randomly. I live in Borlänge, thanks for posting such beautiful photos of the place. Bjusan is a wonderful spot. Just wanted to let you know that those are indeed wild blueberries and they’re perfectly safe, and delicious, to eat. So next time you’re around, chomp away, they’re fantastic!


    • Gemma Evans

      That’s great to know, thank you! You are lucky to live near so much amazing scenery. We would love to go back one day and if we do, we’ll be sure to try the blueberries 🙂

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