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Swedish adventure – part 4

This video marks the end of our time in Sweden *sob*. We booked some time off work for the last week and explored Dalarna, an area filled with deep forests and lakes.

This part of our trip was very last minute so we didn’t get a chance to do a great deal of planning. We booked a hotel in Borlänge because it was the largest town in the region. It’s surrounded by forest and lakes, easily accessible from Stockholm without a car and has good transport links to other towns in the region — Falun, Leksand and Djurås to name a few. It was a great base for exploring.

The ice cream maker at the start of the video was in Ikea… we thought we should pop in given we were in Sweden! Fifty pence buys a cone and a token to put in the machine. Just place the cone in a the stand, press a button and you’ve got a fresh whippy. We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to work out if/how we could make one at home.

North of Stockholm, the temperature dropped and we were thankful for cooler, overcast days. We had a blast exploring Dalarna. Our bodies worked hard and our feet carried us many miles over the course of the week. I managed to lose my sandwich mid hike (luckily Scott had an extra one), we discovered wooden cabins, saw lupins, found an abandoned house and I learn’t my ankles are super bendy. They twist lot when I’m tired and from watching these videos, I realised they happily bend to almost right angle which is why I don’t end up with injuries!

Pink and orange sky
Dalarna sunset

Staying in a hotel was a welcome change after our grubby Airbnb. We enjoyed good views, dressing gowns, free snacks and the jacuzzi on the top floor. The blackout curtains in our room blocked out the light and helped us sleep — I don’t know how people living further North get any sleep in the Summer months.

I’m sad our time in Sweden has come to an end, time has flown by. There are lots of places I want to show you so I’ll share more photos soon. In the meantime, we’ll be munching our way through the mountain of Marabou chocolate and crackers we bought home 🙂

Video soundtrack: Husbands, Dream.

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