A day at Djurås, Dalarna

Djurås gave us a fantastic day of adventure. This small town is only a 20 minute train ride from Borlänge and full of trails to explore. We stepped off the train and into the forest within a few minutes — after making a pitstop at a local supermarket to stock up on supplies (code for cookies).

Wild lupins

Look at this lovely moss!

After a while, we realised we were no longer walking on a trail. We had somehow veered off into a void on the map between two others. If you look at the map below, you’ll notice there aren’t many trails so it took us flipping ages to get back on track. We clambered through trees, scrambled up rocks and dodged holes in soft mossy ground. Just as we resigned ourselves to getting eaten by animals, a trail appeared below us!!

Rustic wooden cabin
Skärmskydd (Strövstig)

This shelter at Skärmskydd was our break spot. I rummaged around in my bag for a while before realising my sandwich was not actually there. It probably fell out when I got the first aid kit out to patch up a cut on Scott’s leg. Fail. Luckily he had two sandwiches and was happy to share.

View from the top of a cave entrance called Uvhålet

The photo below shows how tricky it can be to follow some of the less trodden trails.

Our feet started feeling like lead weights but Scott spotted the perfect place for a rest — a small shelter cabin overlooking Sörängsdammen lake. It had a guest book (we were the first English people to sign it) and a few essential items like rope and a knife.

Me inside cabin
Sörängsdammen lake
Cabin interior
Wooden cabin overlooking lake
Sörängsdammen lake

We walked along a dirt road for a while before rejoining the smaller, rugged trails. Cotton grass seems to like damp soil and we learnt to avoid stepping on ground where they grow — this was after boggy water seeping over the top of our shoes many times!

Fuzzy white plants
Cotton grass

Planks over moss and ferns

I’ve made a screenshot of our route from OpenStreetMap. It was around 10 miles in total (including getting lost) and very quiet.

Hiking route on map

Many beautiful sights passed our eyes and these photos are a only a small handful of the images we shot that day. There are a few video clips from Djurås in our Swedish adventure — part 4 video, if you fancy a look. I want to go back again already! Sigh.

Travel notes

  • Borlänge to Djurås by train (20 mins).
  • There is a bus station outside the train station where Dalatrafik buses operate.
  • The SJ App covers both bookings and timetables for trains as well as Dalatrafik buses.
  • There is a supermarket with a toilet opposite the train station.

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