Man stood on jetty

Höga Kustenleden (5): Lappudden

Closeup of a moth

Waking up to a rest day at Lappudden felt like a good decision; cooking a hot breakfast felt like an even better one. We bought supplies from an ICA near the pizzeria we ate at the night before — that supermarket had been our first chance for a pack refill since starting the hike. But of course, we had enough backup pack food in case we failed to reach the supermarket on the planned day.

Mushroom in a box
The kantarell we picked

Mushrooms in pan

A sausage sandwich and a couple of kantarell washed down with mango juice, hit the spot. We did a bit of tent organisation because it’s suprising how messy things get and how many bits of dead crap accumulate inside, then it was time for a morning swim.

Man stood on jetty

People swimming

I have no idea what we were laughing about but I love how happy we all look! It should be noted that our friend on the right is a cold water champion who gets in with minimal fuss, unlike the rest of us.

Bell shaped flowers

The rest of the morning was spent relaxing on the grass outside our tents. I couldn’t really tell you what we did, I just know it was relaxing. We later walked back to ICA to buy BBQ supplies — we set off on foot, our friends took the canoe and we met them there. Then we switched, with me and Scott taking the canoe back to the campsite.

That evening, we booked the lakeside sauna for a couple of hours and had a BBQ on the firepit. We were excited about eating fresh veggies!!

Seat around fire pit

Cooking on a BBQ

Food on grill

Dinner was halloumi skewers, corn, charred cabbage with butter, roasted peppers and some potato salad (not pictured). The buttery cabbage was so so good.

Man eating corn
Corn monster
Wooden sauna
Lappudden bastu

The wood powered sauna was inside a small cabin, with a wooden path leading down the water. A narrow rectangular window gave us a view of Nordingrå kyrka on the other side of the lake.

Sauna interior

Nature through window
Sauna view

Looking out of the sauna window felt quite surreal at times. I yo-yo’d between the hot sauna and cold water, which was the perfect cure for my aching calves. I’m not sure how many times I went in but it was quite a few.

Sunset over water

I’m glad we stayed an extra day or we’d never have experience the sauna, which ended up being one of my trip highlights. We laid in our tent that night watching mosquitos try to eat us through the tent netting. Scott tested their determination by putting his finger just outside of biting distance. He won. Read part 6.

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  1. Looked like an amazing time was had by all ❤️ Lovely photos x

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