Sun shining through leaf

Kew Gardens in black and white

These are the last of my recent photos from Kew (colour photos here). We circled back to the Palm House on our way out, which coincided with me loading my only roll of black and white film for the day. Yass!!

Open door
Main entrance to the Palm House
People on spiral staircase
Spiral staircase to the upper level

Palm silhouettes on floor

Tall metal doors

A clear door shot is always a long wait. But one that pays off, especially as I really do love these doors.

Silhouette on palm leaf


Sun shining through leaves

Sun shining through leaf

Leaves against window

People sat on step

Everyone was feeling pretty exhausted after the last glasshouse (Temperate House) so we sat on some cool stone steps in the shade. We fantastised about cold drinks, tinkered with our cameras, T sat in chewing gum and waited for a piece of ice cream shaped cloud to align with a sculpture resembling an ice cream cone.

People sat at train station

A nap on the way home for some…

Girl sleeping

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