Leaves pressed against steamy window

Kew Gardens in colour

Second trip to Kew in just over a month, can’t seem to stay away at the moment! This time, T, Eleanor and Kitty joined me and Annie for the day.

I took two film cameras and tried to shoot the majority of my photos in colour (as I shot mostly black and white last time #, #). I have some black and white photos to share too though.

Glasshouse and pink flowers
Palm House
Railings on walkway
Palm House

The outside temperature was a scorching 29°C on the day we visited. Standing inside the Palm House was an endurance test, especially on the upper level. Worth it for the photo above though!

Green palm leaves
Palm House
Green and red leaves against window
Waterlily House
Green waterlillies
Waterlily House
Wooden doorway
Temperate House

Annie and I completely missed the Temperate House last time. I don’t know how because it’s huge! Although perhaps it’s because we ventured all the way to the creeper house expecting to find plants clawing their way across windows — but found a kids play area instead. I’m glad we found it this time though.

View out of windows
Temperate House
Pink flower
Temperate House
Red geraniums
Temperate House
People sat on bench
Temperate House entrance
Group photo
Outside the Temperate House

We cooled off in the shade outside Temperate House at the end of the day. T sat in gum and Eleanor helped her get it off. Kitty ate the chocolate from my bag even though it was practically liquid from the heat. Me and Annie tinkered with our cameras and we all fantasised about grabbing something to eat and a cold drink on the way back to the car!

6 comments on “Kew Gardens in colour

  1. These are fab Gemma ❤ such a great day. Just had mine developed, just waiting for the B&W roll. Looking forward to doing it again with scarves and gloves on! Xx

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Eleanor 🙂 The bit about scarves and gloves made me laugh out load — bring it on! Looking forward to seeing your photos when they come back. xx

  2. Beautiful Gemma 😍 x

  3. Oo the temperate house door might be my fave! These
    came out so well!
    Roll on Winter Kew!

    • Gemma Evans

      Thank yoooou! I stood there to catch the through draft, then realised it would make a nice photo 🙂

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