Leaves framing steamy window

Kew Gardens, part 2

I shot mostly black and white film at Kew Gardens (see the photos) but I’m glad I packed a colour roll too. The 61 year old Agfa Silette Pronto did a great job and even though the camera collection continues growing, it remains one of my favourites.

Glasshouse entrance

Leaves on steamy window

Tall doors

Green palm leaves

Palm leaves from the moment I dropped the lens filter on the floor and it fell through a hole in the grate. The lens is tiny so I’m not sure how easy finding a replacement will be.

Pink Hibiscus flowers

Leaves framing steamy window

Can’t get enough of the leaves against windows! This one reminds me of the greenhouse scene from The Day Of The Triffids. Thankfully nothing decided to take over Earth on the day we visited.

Exotic red flowers

Green and yellow leaves

Climbing plants on window

Palm leaves covering tall doors

I much prefer shooting black and white film but colour made a nice change. Maybe I just haven’t found my favourite yet — a good excuse to buy more and have a play!

4 comments on “Kew Gardens, part 2

  1. ❤️ beautiful x

  2. Do you send off the film to be developed? I haven’t shot film since uninand really do miss it.

    • Gemma Evans

      I get the negatives developed and then scan them at home — it works out cheaper than paying the lab to do that bit. I haven’t developed black and white film since college but I’d like to do it myself again one day. Just need some more space at home! You should definitely give film another whirl 🙂

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