Dried oranges on rack

Life in December, 2022

I hadn’t realised how jam-packed December was until I sat down to write this post! We started the month ridiculously tired post Covid but also desperate to do something after laying on the sofa for two weeks. While we managed to be more active, we needed lots of rest in-between — a one day out, one day recovering at home sort of situation.

Wrapped flowers
Get well soon flowers <3
Man holding Christmas tree
Couple sat under blanket
Sofa rest

This is a victory photo. It was the first day we managed to walk around the city for a few hours. We spent the rest of the day recovering on the sofa but it was worth it.

Small mug

We finally saw our favourite Swedes again and they welcomed us with a fire, warm glögg and pepparkakor.

Dried oranges on rack
Torkad apelsin

I dried oranges to make decorations for our Christmas party. They were hung on the ceiling candle holder with greenery, and we also scattered some on the table. These ceiling candles are only really used when people come over in Winter so it’s nice to make a feature of them!

Candles in chandelier

Lines of cookies
Cookie prep
Man looking at phone
Reminiscing about toys
Stripey flower petals
Amaryllis from Maria
Mug and a cookie

Tea and sweet treats were the main things powering us through the month.

Plate of food
Lunch på Skeppsholmen
Table of food
Jul mat

We helped our friends decorate their Christmas tree (along with some of their family) and they cooked us this delicious meal. Janssons frestelse, knäckebröd and västerbotten cheese, washed down with snaps, beer and julmust. And we tried homemade julskinka later on. I’m pretty sure the snaps I drank that night kick-started my smell and taste again.

Then it was time for our Christmas break! Going away for a few days did us the world of good. I plan to write about that separately so I won’t share many photos here, apart from watching Die Hard in our hotel room on Christmas Eve…

Die Hard on laptop

We still had a British Christmas roast but it was a few days later and we invited friends over to share it with us. I couldn’t find cranberries or ready made cranberry sauce, so I bought lingonberry jam (sweet but tart) instead.

Roast dinner
Late Christmas day veggie roast

New Year arrived out of nowhere! Some of our newer friends cooked us an amazing meal, which included this ice-cream cake, roe on homemade rye and seared tuna with potato rice.

Cake on a plate
Ice cream cake
Glass of champagne

Just like that, 2023 was over. We ended the month (and year) with a ferry ride home, more sofa rest and a visit to the Nan Goldin exhibition at Moderna Museet. Those in-between days are called mellandagarna in Sweden… they’re some of my favourite days of the year.

Gott nytt år allihop!

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