Table covered in art materials

Life in February, 2022

Sunlight was the main highlight of February. That and tulips.

Vase of tulips

Cut flowers aren’t something I buy very often (I prefer bulbs or actual plants) but tulips are the exception, especially at this time of year.

Table covered in art materials

The dining table was no longer a place to eat food; its primary function evolved into a “creation station”. I’ve spent several weeks in that chair working on illustration projects — it has been a pretty great existence.

Lino carving tool

Box of painted rocks

We picked these pebbles up from Torö Stenstrand for our rock collecting nieces. I painted them with some of their favourite things, like bees and hearts. Way more fun than it should have been for someone my age!

Orange envelope
The big orange pension envelope
Snow on window
Snöstorm / snow storm
Sun shining on pillow
Sol / sun

Sunlight reaching new areas of the apartment, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Red and yellow tulips
Tulpaner / tulips
Acorn and nut
Smiling acorn

I often come home from walks with something in my pocket — the smiling acorn from our old village is one of my favaourite finds. I’ve been looking for a wooden tray to hold all the bits and bobs I’ve collected and finally found something suitable! We stumbled across this one in a junk shop and the seller told us it was a ration coupon box from WW2.

Colourful pieces of glass
Sjöglas / seaglass

News on phone

And then… sigh. Waking up to the news that Russia had invaded Ukraine. I’m at a loss for words to be honest.

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