Pink rainbow in blue sky

Life in July, 2021

July was a trip to Norberg, new ice cream flavours, my first räksmörgås (open shrimp sandwhich), walks by the water, binge watching hoarder documentaries, paperwork, Aperol spritz, a new camera and riding escooters. Perhaps best of all, correctly pronouncing the number 7 in Swedish (sju) for the first time. Finally!

Woman leaning out of window

The heat stayed with us for the whole month. Indoors hit 30c on several occasions and the outdoor temperature crept into the mid 30’s! The area was on high alert for forest fires but luckily we managed to avoid any.

30.5 degrees

Orange drink in glass
Aperol Spritz

Pink rainbow in blue sky

Shrimp sandwich
Räksmörgås (shrimp sandwich)

I finally tried a räksmörgås. It’s an open sandwich topped with lettuce, slices of boiled egg, mayonnaise, lemon juice and shrimps. Delicious. Followed by the best cream cake I’ve ever eaten — a banana chocolate eclair. I loved the cake so much that when we went back to Elsa Andersons Konditori the next day, it’s all I ate for lunch. We weren’t just in Norberg to eat though, we were also there for a sightseeing road trip with a friend and to watch an experiment involving flames.

Orange flames
The great experiment
Draw organisers
Sorting project supplies

We had a project weekend at home. It took us both a day to get into it but the weekend seemed too short once we had. Scott was soldering and I was working on some illustrations for a book I’d like to make.

Open sketchbook

A homegrown mango seed is the latest addition to the indoor plant collection. One step closer to the orangeriet dream in the living room.

Sapling in terracotta pot

Man sleeping on floor

I went in the living room to find Scott sleeping face down on the rug (the heat was getting to him).

Birds in the sky
Starling murmuration
Man holding sandals
New shoes
Patch of light on pillow
Good morning

Morning sun hasn’t hit my pillow since April, just as the warmer weather arrived. Fast forward to the end of July and the early signs of change appeared again. It also means the curtains need to be tightly closed or I wake up feeling like I’m being abducted by aliens.

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