Cluster of flowers

Life in June, 2022

We spent June yo-yo’ing between hiding from the sun and soaking up as much of it as possible. Midsummer and taking a dip in the sea were two of the highlights, as well as two of our most sunsoaked days.

Cluster of flowers
Pelargonium / geranium

The pelargoniums lining our windowsills bloomed. I’ve caught the propagation bug from our friend and can’t stop multiplying the collection!

Sun shining on table

I’ve spent lots of time working on print projects lately. I could happily spend every day flexing my creative muscles in this spot and even if I did, I suspect I’d still have more ideas than time. It’s a nice problem to have after a long creative block.

Closeup of carved lino
Lino carving
Info in multiple languages
English, Ukranian and Russian

Handwritten notes

Pink clouds at sunset

30 degrees on thermometer

A heatwave arrived not long after the month began. It was really grim. The apartment hit 30c and it was even hotter outside, so we stocked up on ice cubes and lollies. People in the apartments around us were standing at windows in very few clothes. Going outside was like stepping into an oven.

Ice cubes in freezer
Heatwave supplies
Man sleeping on floor
Napping in the heat

Scott napped on the floor because sitting on the sofa was too hot. I like laying on our tiled bathroom floor in the heat (it’s also the coolest room).

Laying on tiled floor
Cooling down on the floor tiles
Plate of salad
Vattenmelonsallad / watermelon salad

The heat killed our appetites so we tried to eat large salads for dinner. Mimimal lettuce and maximum everything else is the best way to go.

Halloumi in a bowl
Halloumisallad / halloumi salad
Ice in thermos
Isvatten / ice water

Ice cubes in a Stanley flask (or any insulated flask) is my top hot weather tip. We visited an island on an absolutely scorching day and this kept us feeling a bit more human. Although I do wonder how many people thought we were drinking steaming hot tea.

We found an excellent lunch spot on the island — a day bed in the shade, overlooking the archipelago. I ate my first pirog and drank cold Zingo (the Swedish version of orange Fanta).

Woman with drink

Sheet of negatives

I finally finished the roll of black and white film I loaded into my camera a year ago! No idea why it took me so long. We dropped the film at the lab and the owner told us he was retiring after 43 years (someone else is taking over thankfully). This was also the day we wanted to stock up on film due to a big shortage, only to find he didn’t have much left and wasn’t optimistic about finding more in the near future.

Cup of hot chocolate
Varm choklad och chokladboll

When a storm broke the heat, we jumped at the chance to go for a hot chocolate! I went all in on the sugar and ordered a chokladboll with mine.

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