Specks of dust in the air

Life in May, 2022

Bright sunlight started hitting my pillow in the mornings — a tiny gap in the curtains made waking up feel more like a UFO abduction. Having more light has been nice but it highlighted the amount of dust still hanging in the air. The number of rugs and duvets hanging from balconies and windows highlighted that everyone else had the same trouble.

Specks of dust in the air
Red flowers in white pot
Pelargoniums / geraniums

The indoor jungle came back to life. I tidied up the geraniums and upgraded Monty mango to a larger pot — a pat on the back for surviving Swedish Winter even though he craves a tropical life. A friend gave us books containing old photos of Swedish life and I realised that no matter how poor people were, they still had geraniums on their windowsills. The same plant decorating wealthy homes like Waldemarsudde.

Jar of pickled cucumbers
Inlagda gurkor / Swedish pickled cucumbers

I finally made my own Swedish pickled cucumbers! They were quick and easy to make, and incredibly tasty. The bits you can see floating around are peppercorns and fresh dill.

Box of sweets
Suprise candy <3
Man on bike
Cycling buddy

It felt so good to get back out on our bikes. Although the high didn’t last long for me because my bike motor broke 🙁

Woman in loose dress
Linne klänning

I bought the comfiest ever dress. Technically loungewear but I’ve worn it out of the house because it looks like normal clothing. My hair has grown very long since the last cut in early February! It has started strangling me in bed though, so I really need to get a haircut soon.

Graphite smudge on hand
Grafit / graphite
Punnet of raspberries
Färska bär / fresh berries
Woman carving

We had a crafternoon — I taught a friend print making techniques and Scott worked on an electronics project. I love having people to make things with.

Man crafting in the sun
Geranium bending towards light
Pelargonium / geranium
Box of chocolates and tea
Fika before work

Fika before outdoor work. We moved lots of rocks, including one that was ginormous (it took all three of us). It started raining part way through so we went indoors for lunch and drank wine in front of the fire.

Wine glass in front of fire
Rött vin och eld / red wine and fire
Double rainbow
Dubbelregnbåge / double rainbow

I often miss the rooftop view from our previous apartment, but our current one is in prime position for watching moody weather roll in off the water. You can’t beat seeing a wall of snow creep down the road towards home! More recently, a double rainbow and apocalyptic rainclouds.

May hit me with a photo slump. I prefer these posts to be filled with meaningful images, so I didn’t pressure myself to take more for the sake of it. I tend to shoot more black and white over Winter and always seem to struggle with the transition back to colour again, as it makes me approach photography very differently. Anyway, even just a handful of photos contributes to my mission of documenting everyday life in Sweden. Hopefully June will be more productive.

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